PrEP in the Wild — A whirlwind tour of the who, what, where and how of PrEP use and provision outside of approval (2016; Ricardo Baruch-Dominguez, Nicholas Feustel, Jerome Galea, Brian Kanyemba, Will Nutland, Midnight Poonkasetwattana)


Developing Dual Compartment MPTs That Work Up Front and From Behind (2015, José Fernández Romero of Population Council)
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MTN 017 – Evolution and Implementation (2015; Ross Cranston and Ian McGowan of MTN)
From the Booty’s Point of View : Using Perceptibility Data to Inform Rectal Microbicide Development (2014, Kate Morrow of Miriam Hospital and Brown)


The Latest on Lab Tests, Lubed Monkeys, and Lube-Using Humans (2014, Ellen Kersh of CDC, Kevin Rebe of Anova Health Institute, Pamina Gorbach of UCLA, Marc André LeBlanc of IRMA)
Pleasure, Protection, Love, Lust And Listening To Communities The Future of HIV Prevention is Here: A Webinar in Memory of Jeff McConnell (2014; panelists include Gus Cairns, Pedro Goicochea, Bob Grant, Suraj Madoori and Julie Davids)
Are Rectal Douches Ripe for Further Rectal Microbicide Exploration? (2014, Marjan Javanbakht of UCLA, Jerome Galea of IRMA-ALC)


VOICE – what are the implications for rectal microbicide research? (2013, Jeanne Marrazzo of MTN, Ian McGowan of MTN)