Since we launched the Call to Action on Lubricant Safety on Valentine’s Day, we have collected 84 organizational endorsements and 179 individual endorsements from every corner of the globe.

Thank you to ALL who have endorsed so far. The list of organizational endorsers is provided below. Is your organization on the list?

If you haven’t endorsed yet – now is your chance. Click here to endorse the Call as an organization. You may also endorse the Call to Action as an individual .

Please endorse the Call, and demand answers to our questions on lube safety.

Not knowing whether lubes are safe or not, and not knowing whether lubes potentially enhance HIV or STD acquisition or not, is not acceptable! We have enough lube safety data to be concerned, quite frankly, but we do not have enough data to really understand the implications of lubricant use.

We will continue to be in the dark, and never know if we don’t put pressure on other advocates, on scientists, on funders, on regulators, and on lube manufacturers to do their parts in addressing lube safety. We all have a role to play in ensuring the lubes we put in our bodies are safe.

Endorse the Call now.

1. Abra Advanced Research International Pte Ltd, Singapore
2. Act for Change, Ghana
3. Act Up/East Bay, USA
4. Adhikaar, India
5. Affirmative Action, Cameroon
6. African Alliance for HIV Prevention, South Africa
7. African Men for Sexual Health and Rights (AMSHeR), South Africa
8. Afrique Arc En Ciel, Togo
9. AIDS Community Research Initiative of America, USA
10. AIDS Foundation of Chicago, USA
11. AIDS United, USA
12. AKPAKA Axel, Benin
14. Anova Health Institute, South Africa
16. Blue Diamond Society, Nepal
17. Caribbean Association of Midwest America, USA
18. Case/UH Microbicide Clinical Trials Community Advisory Committee, USA
19. Center for Applied Research on Men and Health (CARMAH), Vietnam
20. Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR), Malawi
21. Chicago Female Condom Campaign, USA
22. COCQ-SIDA, Canada
23. Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation, South Africa
24. DUH Demonstration for Universal Healthcare, USA
25. Epicentro, Peru
26. Equal Opportunities, Tajikistan
27. Family Planning Council, USA
28. Fenway Institute at Fenway Health, USA
29. Freedom and Roam Uganda, Uganda
30. Fundacion Manodiversa Bolivia, Bolivia
31. Gay Men’s Health Crisis, USA
32. Gel Works Pty Ltd, Australia
33. Global Forum on MSM & HIV (MSMGF), USA
34. GrenCHAP Inc., Grenada
35. GWLmuda, Indonesia
36. Health Digest Foundation, Ghana
37. Heroes Project, India
38. HIV Prevention Justice Alliance, USA
39. Hyacinth AIDS Foundation, USA
40. India HIV/AIDS Alliance, India
41. Interagency Coalition on AIDS and Development, Canada
42. International Center for Advocacy on Right to Health, Nigeria
43. International Rectal Microbicide Advocates (IRMA), USA
44. International Rectal Microbicides Advocates – Nigeria, Nigeria
45. Jamaica AIDS Support for Life, Jamaica
46. Joint Adherent Brothers and Sisters Against Aids, Uganda
47. Los Angeles County HIV Drug & Alcohol Task Force, USA
49. Men For Health and Gender Justice Organisation, Botswana
50. MUSC/Lowcountry AIDS Services Consumer Advisory Board, USA
51. NAM Publications (Aidsmap), UK
52. National Black Gay Men’s Advocacy Coalition, USA
53. National Minority AIDS Council, USA
54. New HIV Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society, Nigeria
55. Okaloosa AIDS support & Informational Services, Inc. (OASIS), USA
56. PEMA Kenya, Kenya
57. Penitentiary Initiative, Ukraine
58. PeterCares House, USA
59. POCAAN (People of Color Against AIDS Network), USA
60. Presbyterian AIDS Network, USA
61. Pride Equality, Sierra Leone
62. Pro Health Initiative, Nigeria
63. Professionals in Pride Kenya (PPK), Kenya
64. Project Inform, USA
65. PT Foundation, Malaysia
66. Queer Alliance Nigeria, Nigeria
67. San Francisco AIDS Foundation, USA
68. SIBALT, Russia
69. Society Against Sexual Orientation Discrimination (SASOD), Guyana
70. SOMOSGAY, Paraguay
71. START at Westminster, USA
72. Stichting AidsCare, The Netherlands
73. Tamba Pwani, Kenya
74. Test Positive Aware Network, USA
75. The Initiative for Equal Rights, Nigeria
76. The Mpowerment Project, USA
77. The Yes Yes Company Ltd, UK
78. Treatment Action Group, USA
80. Vivir. Participacion, Incidencia y Transparencia, A.C., Mexico
81. We For Civil Equality NGO, Armenia
82. Womenplus Against TB and HIV in Kenya, Kenya
83. World AIDS Forum, Australia
84. Youth Voices Count, Thailand

Endorse the Call now.


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