Our friends at AIDS Accountability International (AAI), in conjunction with The African Union Commission (AUC), recognised the need for greater African civil society organisation representation in the International Conference on Population Development (ICPD) process. So, tt was decided to create the African Common Position (ACP) on ICPD to reflect and include the perspectives, recommendations and expertise of African stakeholders.

The full ACP is available here. To sign on and endorse the Civil Society African Common Position please click here.

IRMA is excited to report that the need for safe, accessible, condom compatible lubricants as well as support for rectal microbicide research in Africa have been highlighted in the just completed African Common Position Paper (ACP) on ICPD. Our Project ARM – Africa for Rectal Microbicides effort is having an impact!

The specific sections on lube and rectal microbicides are as follows:

4.4.10. Recognise the need for further research into the role of anal and vaginal sexual lubricants for use as a tool to prevent HIV, STI’s and unplanned pregnancies, as well as its safety for users and compatibility with various other ingredients and condom varieties. Commit to making access to quality and affordable lubricants a reality for all people, as well as commit to funding for training and support for condom compatible lubricant use;

4.4.11. Train all health care workers, as well as procurement and head office ministry staff on new and evolving SRHR commodities especially with regard to HIV treatment and prevention technologies, this includes but is not limited to understanding the current vaginal and rectal micro-biocide and pre exposure prophylaxis fields in general and their specific programming implications for women and girls.

IRMA encourages you, or your organisation, to endorse the ACP. Click here to endorse.

Special thanks to IRMA member Tian Johsnon, one of the architects of Project ARM. His extraordinary leadership helped to make this happen. Kudos Tian!
Download the full African Common Position Paper here.


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