2009 National LGBTI Health Summit, Chicago
Call for Workshop Proposals

The 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit is currently accepting workshopproposals for the upcoming gathering, to be held in Chicago, IL August14-18, 2009. Proposals will be accepted through March 31, 2009.

The 2009 National Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex Health Summit and Bi Health Summit will focus on “Health Through the Life Course.”

Individuals and groups are invited to submit workshop proposals that address wellness issues (emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological, environmental, social, and/or sexual health) of LGBTI people. Applicants are encouraged to address the Summit’s theme of”Health Through the Life Course” by focusing on specific age groupswithin the LGBTI community, specific topics that may impact several agegroups, or issues that impact LGBTIs over time. Proposals that seek to bridge generations for the sharing of new and worldly wisdom are welcome.

Creative and traditional formats are accepted. Sessions will last oneand a half hours – interested parties should consider collaboratingwith friends and colleagues.

The proposal format and instructions, as well as complete informationabout the Health Summit is available at www.2009lgbtihealth.org.

Interested parties are invited to engage in planning activities alreadyunderway on the site.