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  1. Age at First Anal Sex and HIV/STI Vulnerability among Gay Men in Australia

    via, by Anthony Lyons ABSTRACT Objectives To determine whether there is a link between age at first anal intercourse (AFAI) and gay men’s HIV/sexually transmissible infection (STI) vulnerability, including tendencies to engage in higher risk sexual behaviour. Methods A nationwide cross-sectional survey was conducted online involving 845 Australian gay men born between 1944 and 1993. Results Read More >>

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  2. Characteristics Qualifying Gay Men for Intermittent PrEP

    via, by Michael Carter Older, better-educated gay men who use sexual networking sites and have sex outside the context of committed relationships may be appropriate targets for intermittent pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP), US research published in the online edition of the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes suggests. The investigators found that individuals with this profile were Read More >>

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  3. The Risks Caused by Unprotected Anal Sex

    via Australian Federation of AIDS Organisation, by Eric Glare This article describes the biological role of anal mucus and its association with the gastrointestinal immune system, which harbours a persistent reservoir of HIV that potentially leads to infectious anal mucus. ERIC GLARE argues that all HIV prevention discussions should highlight the role anal mucus plays in HIV Read More >>

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  4. Researchers Stress the Importance of Screening Women for Precancerous Anal Lesions

    via AIDSmeds, by Tim Horn Results from a study conducted in the Bronx, New York, serve as an important reminder to HIV care providers: Comprehensive screening for precancerous anal lesions isn’t of importance only to HIV-positive men who have sex with men (MSM). According to the Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes report by researchers at Albert Read More >>

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  5. The Role of Sexually Explicit Media (SEM) in the Transmission and Prevention of HIV Among MSM

    via AIDS and Behavior, by B. R. Simon Rosser, Jeremy A. Grey, J. Michael Wilkerson, Alex Iantaffi, Sonya S. Brady, Derek J. Smolenski and Keith J. Horvath Abstract Although research has been conducted over the last half century to test the hypothesis that pornography, or sexually explicit media (SEM), influences behavior, information regarding usage and its effect Read More >>

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  6. Increased risk of anal cancer for all groups with HIV, not just MSM

    via Aidsmap, by Michael Carter Gay men are not the only group of HIV-positive patients who have an increased risk of anal cancer, according to North American research published in the online edition of Clinical Infectious Diseases. The researchers found that incidence of the cancer was also significantly higher in non-gay HIV-positive men as well as HIV-positive Read More >>

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  7. MSM in Africa: Highest Risk Group?

    via Aidsmap, by Gus Cairns Men who have sex with men may now be at considerably higher risk of acquiring HIV than other at-risk groups such as female sex workers or young people of either sex, if findings by the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) of HIV incidence at two centres in Kenya can be generalised to other Read More >>

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  8. In Africa, Anal Sex Goes Hetero

    by IRMA advocate Bisi Alimi (pictured in purple, with IRMA advocate Kadiri Audu at the recent Project ARM – Africa for Rectal Microbicides meeting held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.) While I was in secondary school, I was always told that anal sex is something between two men. Many anti-gay activists have used this sexual practice as a Read More >>

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  9. Rectal Sexually Transmitted Infections and Lubricant Use

    via Sexually Transmitted Diseases, by Pamina M. Gorbach, DrPH, Robert E. Weiss, PhD, Edward Fuchs, PA-C, Robin A. Jeffries, MS, Marjan Hezerah, PhD, Stephen Brown, MD, Alen Voskanian, MD, Edward Robbie, MPH, Peter Anton, MD, and Ross D. Cranston, MD Background Use of lubricant products is extremely common during receptive anal intercourse (RAI) yet has not been Read More >>

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  10. Oral and Anal Sex Practices Among High Schoolers in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

    via BMC Public Health, by Amsale Cherie and Yemane Berhane Background Understanding the full range of sexual behaviors of young people is crucial in developing appropriate interventions to prevent and control sexually transmitted infections including HIV. However, such information is meager in developing countries. The objective of this study was to describe oral and anal sex practices and identify Read More >>

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