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  1. ‘Funding gap’ imperils science exploits, AIDS forum hears

    Via AFP, by Richard Ingham. “Science is running much faster now than what we can implement and what we can pay for.” The four-day Rome conference, ending Wednesday, heard the outcome of several landmark trials. The biggest found that giving early drug therapy to people with HIV reduced the risk of infecting others by a massive 96 Read More >>

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  2. Investment in HIV Prevention Research

    A report released yesterday by HIV Vaccines and Microbicides Resource Tracking Working Group at the IAS conference in Rome “found that overall investment in HIV prevention R&D had actually increased, with the modest exception of a one percent decline in vaccine R&D. The report documented a total US$1.19 billion investment in research and development (R&D) for four key HIV prevention Read More >>

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  3. IAS 2011: Day 2 Press Release

    OFFICIAL PRESS RELEASE – DAY 2 16.30 (CET), MONDAY JULY 18 Antiretroviral Treatment is HIV Prevention: The proof is here Leading researchers and international experts to discuss the policy and prevention implications of three groundbreaking trial results: the HPTN O52 study, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention TDF2 study and the University of Washington Partners PrEP Read More >>

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  4. CHINA: CAIDS deaths hit ‘peak’ as 7,700 die

    Via AIDS deaths are believed to be peaking on the Chinese mainland as many from the large number of people infected with HIV in the 1990s because of unsanitary blood-selling schemes develop full-blown AIDS, a senior health official said on Tuesday. By the end of last year, the total reported number of AIDS deaths had reached Read More >>

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  5. Starting HIV treatment when CD4 cell count dips below 500 improves AIDS-free survival

    Via aidsmap, by Michael Carter Patients who start antiretroviral therapy when their CD4 cell count dipped below 500 cells/mm3 are less likely to develop an AIDS-defining illness than individuals who start treatment with a CD4 cell count of 350 cells/mm3, an international team of investigators report in the Annals of Internal Medicine. However, initiating HIV treatment with Read More >>

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  6. UGANDA: As food prices bite, HIV-positive people turn to kitchen gardens

    Via IRIN, PlusNews The small 10m by 15m garden behind Agnes Oroma’s house in northern Uganda’s Gulu district is much more than a hobby garden; according to HIV-positive Oroma, it is one of the main reasons she is in good health. She grows indigenous vegetables and tomatoes to supplement her daily diet of beans, maize meal and Read More >>

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  7. HIV Envelope Discovery Could Reveal New Vaccine Targets

    Via An international study headed by a UC Davis scientist describes how a component of a potential HIV vaccine opens like a flower, undergoing one of the most dramatic protein rearrangements yet observed in nature. The finding could reveal new targets for vaccines to prevent HIV infection and AIDS. A paper describing the work was published Read More >>

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  8. Kenya: Counselling, not alarm device, had best effect on ART adherence

    Via aidsmap, by Carole Leach-Lemens Patients in Nairobi, Kenya getting intensive early adherence counselling when starting antiretroviral therapy were 29% less likely to have poor adherence and 59% less likely to have virological failure compared to those getting no counselling Michael H Chung and colleagues reported in a randomised, controlled trial published in the March issue of Read More >>

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  9. New recommendations to reach 2015 goals for AIDS response

    Via Thirty years into the AIDS epidemic, investments in the AIDS response are yielding results, according to a new report released today by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Titled Uniting for universal access: towards zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths, the report highlights that the global rate of new HIV infections is Read More >>

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  10. Is Africa ready for PrEP?

    Via, by Adebisi Ademola Alimi One of the biggest breakthrough in HIV clinical research, since the outbreak of the epidemic 30 years ago, is the recent success in a clinical trial of a new HIV prevention approach based on the daily use of the antiretroviral drug Truvada by HIV negative person to prevent HIV transmission (Called Read More >>

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