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  1. Why So Anal about Pleasure?

    Via EmpowHer, by Hannah Cutts. Whether you are a committed fan, a non-subscriber, or have been considering engaging in anal play, I believe it is a subject that women should make an effort to include in their sexual awareness and conversations, even if only to expand their education on the female body and become resources for friends/family Read More >>

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  2. Microbicides: the quest for user-friendly formulations

    via Aidsmap, by Gus Cairns “Finally, a team have developed a vaginal microbicide as a film smaller than a stick of gum and as thin as a sheet of paper.” A large number of presentations at the Microbicides 2010 Conference in Pittsburgh documented the development of microbicides very different from gels or creams. Vaginal rings, quick-dissolve pills Read More >>

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  3. The asspects of anal sex

    via UWM Post, by Jon Tingley Anal penetration used to be a taboo topic. In fact, for some of you, it might still be. What used to be relegated to men playing in bathhouses and Bally’s locker rooms is now a widespread form of sexual intercourse enjoyed by all different sexual orientations and genders. Many people decide Read More >>

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  4. Tip one back at the Rectum Bar?

    Come Inside The Rectum Bar For A Slow Comfortable Screw Up Against The Wallvia Gizmodo, by Kat Hannaford Here I was, thinking Europeans were meant to be classier than Americans—but have you ever heard of a Rectum Bar outside of Vienna, Austria? Do you even know what a rectum is? The whole digestive system is there—the tongue, Read More >>

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