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  1. Safe Sex Advocates in the Red-Light Districts of Bangkok

    viaAlert Net, by Thin Lei Win It was an early Monday evening and the red light district in Thailand’s capital was already heaving — full of locals and foreigners drinking sundowner cocktails and enjoying the flesh parading before their eyes. Street vendors were selling food, clothes, souvenirs and Valentine’s Day gifts. They probably weren’t expecting a group Read More >>

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  2. IRMA in Thailand to Prep for MTN 017

    IRMA, the Microbicide Trials Network (MTN), AVAC, and local partners participated in two community consultations in Thailand last week on the upcoming Phase II rectal microbicide trial called MTN 17.    Community stakeholders in Chiang Mai and Bangkok were provided updates on the field and were asked to provide feedback to the MTN about the draft MTN 017 Read More >>

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  3. Whatever Happened to the AIDS Vaccine?

    via the Huffington Post, by Michael Warren “Now is exactly the time to maintain commitment. Now is exactly the time to hold a steady course in funding for basic science, clinical trials and product development. It’s good business sense: Our investments are paying off — and the dividend, in the form of an effective vaccine, would have Read More >>

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  4. Methamphetamine use drives HIV infections among gay Thais

    via BMJ group, by Bob Roehr One in 10 gay and bisexual men aged 18 to 21 became infected with HIV during their first year of enrollment in a cohort study in Bangkok. The rate of new infections slows down a bit after that, in part because those most likely to become infected already are. Fully 1 Read More >>

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  5. Bangkok’s MSM HIV Explosion – Precursor for Asia’s Mega-cities?

    via Global Forum on MSM and HIV, by Don Baxter The last five years have seen astonishing – arguably catastrophic – increases in HIV seroprevalence among Thai gay men and men who have sex with men (MSM). HIV seroprevalence has risen from less than 10 percent early this decade to more than 28 percent by mid-decade. Major Read More >>

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