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  1. When Condoms Ain’t Enuf

    via The Body, by Allen Kwabena Frimpong and Michael Terry Everett “I also want to mention that we are increasingly becoming better at incorporating conversations about ‘harm reduction’ into the realms of substance use (needle exchanges, safe injection sites, pill testing, etc.), but we often fail to adequately translate this model when speaking of communicating risk reduction Read More >>

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  2. Media campaign on disclosure and stigma changes gay men’s attitudes

    via aidsmap, by Roger Pebody A Canadian campaign which asked gay men “If you were rejected every time you disclosed, would you?” appears to have raised men’s understanding of the dilemmas which men with HIV face. The campaign also succeeded in reducing the number of men who try to avoid infection by relying on men with HIV Read More >>

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  3. Criminalizing HIV Transmission Will Only Spread the Problem

    Via the Vancouver Sun, by Peter McKnight. It sounds like the synopsis of a B-movie: Thanks to the long arm of the law, the world is once again safe from The Attack of the Killer HIV-people. Safe from Johnson Aziga, the Ontario man who had sex with more than a dozen women without informing them of his Read More >>

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  4. Canada judge: Insertive unprotected anal sex does not create ‘significant risk of serious bodily harm’

    via Aidsmap, by Edwin J. Bernard A Canadian judge has ruled for the first time that an HIV-negative person is not placed at ‘a significant risk of serious bodily harm’ if they are the insertive partner in unprotected anal intercourse with an HIV-positive man. According to a statement from the Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network this “reinforces the Read More >>

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  5. Funding for rectal microbicides has DECREASED in two years

    According to the latest report just released by the HIV Vaccines and Microbicides Resource Tracking Working Group, funding for rectal microbicides research has decreased significantly in the past 2 years. When IRMA last tracked resources dedicated to RM research in 2006, we estimated that US$7.2 million was spent globally. According to the report Adapting to Realities: Trends Read More >>

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  6. A new web resource for gay men

    Ontario’s Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance has launched a web site for gay men to address HIV stigma. Features include: basic information on HIV stigma ideas for how to stop the stigma information on the law and disclosure (specific to the Canadian context) facilitators hosting a range of blog-based and live web discussions a safer sex guide Read More >>

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  7. [Delhi Dynamos] Shaleena Theophilus of Ottawa, Canada

    Renegade Daughter and Microbicide DIVAMakes Subcontinental Advocacy MagicProves You CAN Go HomeAnd Walk the Talk Correspondence from IRMA advocates by way of India M2008 memories and the path forward by Shaleena Theophilus Thanks to the generous funding by IRMA through the John Shaw Memorial Scholarship, I was able to attend the Microbicides 2008 conference that was held Read More >>

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