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  1. Meet Brian Kanyemba – a Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate

    via IRMA Rectal microbicides are important and should be a top priority among new HIV prevention because anal sex occurs between heterosexuals as well as homosexuals, says Brian Kanyemba of Cape Town, South Africa. Awareness of anal sex and continuing discussions on anal sex could bring down homo-negativity and prejudice against MSM. Brian is an IRMA member, Read More >>

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  2. SOUTH AFRICA: MSM still sidelined in HIV programming

    “Biomedical strategies can only have a limited impact if MSM live in fear, live hidden or have limited access to safe and effective clinical care.”  via PlusNews South African men who have sex with men are twice as likely to be HIV-positive as heterosexual men, but spending on research, prevention and treatment for this group remains low, Read More >>

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  3. South Africa: Dept. of Health Admits MSM Neglected

    via Mambaonline The Minister of Health has admitted that not enough has been done to reach men who have sex with men (MSM) in South Africa when it comes to HIV. Speaking at the opening of the Top2Btm symposium in Cape Town, Dr. Yogan Pillay, Chief Director of Strategic Planning at the National Department of Health, emphasised Read More >>

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  4. Symposium to unravel HIV issues amongst MSM

    via Behind the Mask On 23 to 25 May this year, the Anova Health Institute together with PEPFAR will hold a regional symposium aiming to consolidate and review current trends and research related to HIV prevention, treatment and care among men who have sex with other men (MSM) in South Africa to be held at the Vineyard Read More >>

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  5. Review and Interview: Queer Visibilities: Space, Identity and Interaction in Cape Town

    via BOOK Southern Africa, by Brent Meersman Just think about what the rainbow flag – the ‘gay’ flag is meant to represent. It’s meant to be a metaphor for unity of diverse groups. The struggles to gain this unity – to protect this unity in South Africa – are struggles that must be written about. To not Read More >>

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  6. Music Video – “My Cape Town”

    “My Cape Town” by I Scream and the Chocolate Stix – Music Video directed by Porteus Xandau. The Emergency Hours. from Mannequin Pictures on Vimeo.

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  7. The Promise and Perils of ARV-Based Prevention: A Dialogue of Optimism & Informed Scepticism

    Satellite session at IAS 2009 – held July 19, 2009 Click here for webcast. Click here for exciting action pics. Read an article about this session on Aidsmap.ARV-based prevention, such as oral pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP) and ARV-based microbicides, is widely viewed as one of the more promising biomedical HIV prevention strategies being studied. Is this enthusiasm warranted? Read More >>

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  8. Queertastic – IRMA’s Jim Pickett guests on the Windy City Queercast

    IRMA’s Jim Pickett guests on the Windy City Queercast to talk about the IAS Conference in Cape Town, inspiring grannies, and of course, rectal microbicides. Click here for the podcast. Reference: WCQ325 Jim Pickett and the International AIDS Conference 2009-09-01 Click here for pics of those inspiring grannies, and more.

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  9. IRMA on Video – IAS Webcast of Rectal Satellite Session in Cape Town

    Rectal Microbicide Development – An African Perspective, a satellite session held July 19, 2009, at the IAS 2009 meeting in Cape Town, South Africa, described the role of anal intercourse (AI) in HIV transmission and discussed recent research towards the development of rectal microbicides for the prevention of AI-associated HIV infection. Data from the African continent was Read More >>

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  10. Nature Medicine Covers IAS Rectal Microbicide Satellite

    Nature Medicine 15, 829 (2009) doi:10.1038/nm0809-829b by Cassandra Willyard Despite some disappointing results from recent trials, microbicides have been touted as a potential tool to stop HIV infection through vaginal sex. Last month, however, the International AIDS Society conference in Cape Town, South Africa dedicated an entire session to rectal microbicides for the first time. “The field Read More >>

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