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  1. FEM PrEP Study Releases Trial Results

    via MedPage Today, by Ed Susman Pre-exposure prophylaxis with antiretroviral drugs failed to prevent women in Africa from becoming infected with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) – apparently because more than half the women failed to take their medication. The incidence of HIV infection among previously uninfected women treated with a co-formulation of emtricitabine and tenofovir (Truvada) was Read More >>

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  2. Identifying at-risk populations to enroll and maintain in HIV prevention trials

    via PubMed, by Price MA, Rida W, Mwangome M, Mutua G, Middelkoop K, Roux S, Okuku HS, Bekker LG, Anzala O, Ngugi E, Stevens G, Chetty P, Amornkul “Finding, enrolling, and retaining risk populations for HIV prevention trials is challenging in Africa. African MSM are not frequently engaged for research, have high HIV incidence, need urgent risk Read More >>

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  3. ANRS launches first PrEP trial for gay men in Europe

    via iPrEx NEws The ANRS (French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis) is about to launch in Europe the first pre-HIV exposure prevention trial in men who have sex with men. This phase III trial—ANRS IPERGAY—will start at the end of January 2012, in Paris (Hôpital Saint-Louis, Professor Jean-Michel Molina and Hôpital Tenon, Professor Read More >>

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  4. From Tuskegee to Transparency: An Evolution in the Ethics and Accountability of Clinical Trials Involving Human Subjects

    via RH Reality Check, by Anna Forbes and Kate Ryan People who participate in clinical trials take the enormous step of volunteering to test a product that may be useful and, sometimes, life-saving if it turns out to be effective. They play an irreplaceable role in research to prevent, treat, and sometimes cure illness – as well Read More >>

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  5. Meet Yaa Simpson: Another New Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate!

    “Stigma is only dispelled by shining a brighter light on it! We have to speak life and light with our words and actions. There is enough doom and gloom to impact everyone – and that is where stigma resides. But letting people know they have options, biomedical techniques for prevention, medications, possible vaccines, gathering more evidence, integrating Read More >>

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  6. Bacterial Bioshield Could Keep HIV at Bay

    Via New Scientist. A LIVING microbicide reduces HIV-like infection in monkeys, and might one day provide women with long-lasting defence against the virus. Dean Hamer of the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland, and colleagues engineered naturally occurring vaginal bacteria to produce the anti-HIV protein cyanovirin-N. They applied a gel containing the bacteria to the vaginas Read More >>

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  7. New, Long-Term PrEP Study Announced

    Via Now Chelsea, by Sam Spokony. Few methods of HIV prevention have been as promising, or as controversial, as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). After a history of underground practice and off-label prescriptions, the approach has recently begun to receive serious attention from researchers, policy makers and health care advocates. An outgrowth of post-exposure prophylaxis (or PEP, a short-term Read More >>

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  8. HIV Vaccine News

    Recently, two new discoveries which may eventually lead to a vaccine for AIDS have been made by researchers. One, being presented at the IAS Conference in Rome this week, comes from the Maryland-based VirxSys Corporation. Researchers injected non-human primates with an altered form of SIV, the primate equivalent to HIV. (Via CNN) Over the course of six Read More >>

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  9. PrEP: Prevention Revolution or Magical Thinking

    One of the most exciting developments in the fight against HIV is a recent study that concluded that gay men could significantly reduce their risk of infection by taking an existing anti-HIV medication on a daily basis. Earlier this month our friends at Feast of Fun and Lifelube hosted a forum in Chicago to discuss the iPrEx study published Read More >>

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  10. Anti-AIDS Gel Also Boosts Sexual Pleasure

    Via Times of India.  South African scientists, who launched a 24-month trial to confirm the efficacy of a microbicide gel that would reduce the risk of women getting HIV, have found an unexpected spin-off – it also boosts sexual pleasure. Wits professor Helen Rees, of the university’s reproductive health and HIV institute, said the R300m trial would Read More >>

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