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  1. ANRS launches first PrEP trial for gay men in Europe

    via iPrEx NEws The ANRS (French National Agency for Research on AIDS and Viral Hepatitis) is about to launch in Europe the first pre-HIV exposure prevention trial in men who have sex with men. This phase III trial—ANRS IPERGAY—will start at the end of January 2012, in Paris (Hôpital Saint-Louis, Professor Jean-Michel Molina and Hôpital Tenon, Professor Read More >>

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  2. Ongoing risk behaviour likely cause of high HIV incidence rate among gay men treated with PEP

    via Aidsmap, by Michael Carter HIV incidence is high among gay men who use post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), investigators from Amsterdam report in the online edition of AIDS. Overall, users of PEP were almost four times more likely to become infected with HIV than gay men who did not use the therapy. There was no evidence that PEP Read More >>

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  3. MSM living in hostile social environments more likely to have negative feelings about sexuality, less likely to test for HIV

    via aidsmap, by Roger Pebody The largest ever international study of the sexual health of men who have sex with men (MSM), which recruited men from across the European continent, has found clear links between the social environment men live in and their own internal acceptance of their sexuality. Furthermore, men with ‘internalised homonegativity’ were much less Read More >>

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  4. The European MSM Internet Survey (EMIS) – See What They Learned!

    via EMIS This is the second community report written especially for you – members of Europe’s diverse LGBT communities. We hope that you find this information interesting and helpful! The first community report covered testing for HIV, knowledge about testing, being ‘out’, sexual happiness and the ‘sexiest man on the planet’. All EMIS community reports are available Read More >>

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  5. A Gay Age of Consent?

    From Pink News, by Jessica Geen The Gibraltar Supreme Court is considering whether the age of consent for gay men is discriminatory. The territory currently allows lesbians and heterosexuals to have sex at 16, but the age of consent for gay men is 18. Anal sex is illegal between men and women. Chief Minister Peter Caruana and Read More >>

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  6. Catholics and Condoms: Why What the Pope Says Matters

    via The Body, by Jon O’Brien During his 2009 trip to Cameroon, a country with an HIV prevalence rate of over 5%, Pope Benedict XVI made a shocking assertion on condom use to prevent HIV. He told reporters, “You can’t resolve it with the distribution of condoms. On the contrary, it increases the problem.” Read the rest.

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  7. Funding for rectal microbicides has DECREASED in two years

    According to the latest report just released by the HIV Vaccines and Microbicides Resource Tracking Working Group, funding for rectal microbicides research has decreased significantly in the past 2 years. When IRMA last tracked resources dedicated to RM research in 2006, we estimated that US$7.2 million was spent globally. According to the report Adapting to Realities: Trends Read More >>

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  8. EATG calls for more research and funding for prevention

    The European AIDS Treatment Group (EATG) has recently released a comprehensive policy paper on HIV and AIDS prevention. As a pan-European organisation of people living with HIV, EATG has been championing the concept of prevention, especially ‘positive prevention’ for years. Positive prevention entails the active involvement and leadership of people living with HIV and AIDS in prevention Read More >>

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  9. HIV rates have DOUBLED among gay men in Europe, TRIPLED among gay men in China

    Rates of HIV among gay men have tripled in China in three years, according to the Shanghai Daily. In Europe, rates have almost doubled since 2000, according to aidsmap. Article from China: HIV-rate among gay men triples The prevalence of HIV/AIDS infection among local gay and bisexual men has almost tripled from 1.5 percent three years ago Read More >>

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  10. European Request for Proposals Includes Rectal Microbicides

    From the Global Campaign for Microbicides’ European Secretariat: We are happy to announce that the European Commission has launched a series of Requests for Proposals (RFPs), including a specific call for microbicides discovery and/or development for 6 to 12 million euros (more information below). Officials at the European Commission Directorate-General for Research informed us that there had Read More >>

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