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  1. VIDEO: IRMA’s Jim Pickett – Condoms Not Enough in HIV Fight

    “Using condoms for your entire sexual life works for some people. And for others, it doesn’t.”  Video via Be The Generation IRMA chair Jim Pickett discusses the need for new ways to prevent HIV, like rectal microbicides. ——————-  *Join IRMA’s robust, highly-active. moderated, global listserv addressing rectal microbicide research and advocacy as well as other interesting new Read More >>

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  2. Off-Label Use of the Female Condom for Anal Intercourse Among Men in NYC

    via American Journal of Public Health, by Kelvin EA, Mantell JE, Candelario N, Hoffman S, Exner TM, Stackhouse W, Stein ZAAbstract We surveyed 111 male clients of an HIV/AIDS service organization in New York City in 2008 and 2009. Seventeen percent had used the female condom for anal intercourse; of these, 89.3% had used the female condom Read More >>

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  3. PEPFAR and USAID Advance Support for Female Condoms

    An update on advocacy successes from the Center for Health and Gender Equality (CHANGE) PEPFAR’s recently released Fiscal Year 2011 Country Operational Plan Guidance includes female condoms in its guidance appendices, which are used in the field by U.S. embassies to guide program planning. This is the first time that female condoms have featured so prominently in Read More >>

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  4. South Africa and the 2010 World Cup: Pushing Women’s Rights Further to the Fringe…

    via SANGONeT pulse, by Tian Johnson Excerpt: Now, with the Soccer World Cup a few days away we wonder how far we as women’s rights activists need to go to ensure that this critical life saving (and sexy!) disease prevention tool remains on the agenda – free of profiteering, corruption and power games that strip away yet Read More >>

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  5. Will the Female Condom Ever Catch On?

    via The Daily Beast, by Joyce C. Tang The first version of the female condom made a weird noise, fell out, and was expensive, too. Now public health experts are pushing a new and improved version in American cities. Can it overcome stigma? Made from polyurethane, which is less pliable than latex, the female condom could be Read More >>

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  6. The Female Condom Goes Anal

    via Washington City Paper, by Amanda Hess “Unfortunately, there are some places in this country  that are still uncomfortable with anal sex.” Excerpt: In order for everyone to get comfortable shilling the female condom to gay men, Petrelis says that the public must first acknowledge that anal sex isn’t just a gay thing. “I hope you’re sitting Read More >>

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  7. Chicago Female Condom Campaign Wants You to “Put A Ring On It!”

    Health organizations launch citywide campaign to mark National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day and increase awareness, availability of female condoms Both women and men engage in anal sex and the female condom is a great prevention tool to keep both partners safe and satisfied.   CHICAGO, IL (3/8/10) – An ubiquitous nugget of pop culture advice Read More >>

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  8. Wonderful How-To Video on Female Condom Use for Gay/MSM

    This instructional video was created to destigmatize and demonstrate the proper use of a female condom (FC1) between men. Created for a program in Burkina Faso, this video is presented in English here. This video is also available in Moree (a primary language in Burkina Faso),  Dioula and French. For more information, please visit    Click here Read More >>

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  9. “Less Noisy” Female Condom Promoted for Anal Sex in – Uganda?

    “Less noisy” female condom proves a hitvia PlusNews  We shall promote it among MSM Ten months after being re-launched, a new brand of female condom has proven popular among a test group of Ugandan women, according to a study. FC2 was launched in February; the government stopped distributing the original female condom, FC1, in 2007 on the Read More >>

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  10. Uganda to Reintroduce Female Condoms

    via RH Reality Check,by Serra Sippel When a man comes up with excuses for not using a male condom, women have a right to introduce their own tool for protection. – Deusdeait Kiwanuka, Project Coordinator, Safe Homes and Respect for Everyone (SHARE) Deusdeait’s words poignantly capture a major challenge in fighting HIV/AIDS: to ensure women have access Read More >>

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