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  1. Adding the Female Condom to the Public Health Agenda on Prevention of HIV and Other STIs Among Men and Women During Anal Intercourse

    June 2009, Vol 99, No. 6 | American Journal of Public Health 985-987© 2009 American Public Health AssociationDOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2008.141200 Adding the Female Condom to the Public Health Agenda on Prevention of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Men and Women During Anal Intercourse Elizabeth A. Kelvin, PhD, MPH, Raymond A. Smith, PhD, Joanne E. Mantell, PhD, Read More >>

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  2. – Five Things to Know About Condoms

    Excellent piece from on Change.orgOriginal item, by Alanna Shaikh I’m not going to write about the pope again. I just can’t face it. But I’ll offer you a related topic – things to know about condoms. 1) When used properly and every time, the male condom has a 3% failure rate. In typical use – not always Read More >>

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  3. Indian Youth Festival Puts Sexy Back in Dialogue About Safe Sex

    by Rama Lakshmi for the Washington Post “Talking about disease and fear haven’t worked very well. People believe they are in a safe relationship and that disease does not apply to them,” said Arushi Singh, a resource officer for the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which trains health educators in South Asia. “But pleasure,” she said, “applies to Read More >>

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  4. The Female Condom – where the girls AND boys are

    IRMA’s first Global Teleconference of the year Thursday, February 26, 2009 Get the skinny on the NEW female condom and discuss its implications for anal sex. Featuring presentations by Serra Sippel, CHANGE Executive Director and Mitchell Warren, AVAC Executive Director. Slides and other materials will be made available in advance of the call on the IRMA website. Read More >>

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  5. Biomedical interventions to prevent HIV infection: evidence, challenges, and way forward

    via The Lancet Summary Intensive research efforts for more than two decades have not yet resulted in an HIV vaccine of even moderate effectiveness. However, some progress has been made with other biomedical interventions, albeit on the basis of inconsistent levels of evidence. The male condom, if used correctly and consistently, has been proven in observational studies Read More >>

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  6. FDA Panel Backs New, Less Costly Female Condom

    An FDA advisory panel on Thursday voted 15-0 to recommend approval of the new, less costly version of the female condom developed by the Female Health Company, Reuters reports. When determining whether to recommend approval of the new product — called the FC2 female condom — the panel heard that the condom’s lower price could attract more Read More >>

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  7. Hurray for Female-Controlled STD Prevention!

    A great article by Ryan Graff of Northwestern University’s Medill Reports reports that female condom sales are on the rise, and, according to the condom’s manufacturer Female Health Co., the future looks bright. With the increased funding for HIV/AIDS programs seen under the Bush Administration, prophylactic sales are on the rise. Graff writes, “The worldwide budget for Read More >>

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  8. Female Condoms Promoted Through Beauty Salon Initiative in Malawi

    [via Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report] The United Nations Population Fund and Population Services International have introduced a program to distribute female condoms in Malawian beauty salons in an effort to encourage their use and curb the spread of HIV, VOA News reports. Pamela Msukwa, family planning and HIV technical coordinator for PSI/Malawi, said hair salons were chosen Read More >>

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  9. India’s NACO To Distribute 1.5M Female Condoms to Sex Workers in Four States

    via the Kaiser Daily HIV/AIDS Report Approximately 1.5 million female condoms will be distributed and marketed to commercial sex workers in four Indian states this year in an attempt to provide women with a method of HIV prevention, IANS/Hindustan Times reports. Sujatha Rao, director-general of the National AIDS Control Organisation, said that female condoms were introduced to Read More >>

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