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  1. Meet our Newest Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate: Abimbola Onigbango Williams!

    “Rectal microbicides are an important priority that need to be fully explored to provide males and females who engage in anal sex a way to protect themselves from HIV and perhaps other sexually related infections.” Abimbola is an IRMA advocate from Lagos, Nigeria. There she is a public health researcher and advocate. She has a Master’s Degree Read More >>

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  2. Race, Gender, & Sexuality in HIV Prevention Campaigns

    via The Society Pages, by Christie Barcelos Gay men and bisexual men still represent a disproportionate number of HIV cases in the United States (CDC). In addition, African-American and Latino men are significantly more likely than white men to be diagnosed with HIV and die from AIDS-related illnesses. Numerous HIV prevention campaigns are thus aimed at these Read More >>

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  3. Searching for a Transsexual Community

    From the Guardian, by Juliet Jacques Settling into ‘full-time’ living, I stepped away from the places where I’d explored my gender, spending time with old friends as we intuitively worked out if my transition would affect our relationships. No longer feeling that I could only be myself in ‘safe’ spaces, I stopped going to ‘T-friendly’ mainstream gay Read More >>

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  4. ‘Kothis’ (Feminised Males) Reducing Risk to HIV and Sexual Violence

    from News Blaze, by Anjali Singh Having faced ages of neglect, denial and invisibility, “Kothis” (feminised males) are now being mobilized by groups like ‘Bharosa’ in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (India) to be empowered and demonstrate leadership in reaching out within their community for increasing access to essential services including HIV prevention, care, treatment and support services. They Read More >>

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  5. Gender differences in immune response to HIV

    From Kaiser News New research showing that “a receptor molecule involved in the recognition of HIV-1 responds to the virus differently in women than in men,” might “explain why HIV infection progresses faster to AIDS in women than in men with similar viral loads,” the HealthDay/Greenville Daily Reflector reports. The study was conducted by researchers at the Read More >>

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