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  1. Anal health is not just a gay issue: Women need rectal microbicides too

    via Citizen News Service, by Bobby Ramakant “It is high time that anal health and hygiene comes out of the closet” said Dr Ross Cranston from University of Pittsburgh, USA. Dr Cranston was referring to the multitude of anal health complications people practicing receptive anal sex are likely to be dealing with in their lives and very Read More >>

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  2. NIH researchers show how anti-HIV drug acts to block herpes virus

    via Infotech “The findings explain the results of a recent clinical trial showing that the anti-HIV drug tenofovir, when it is formulated as a vaginal gel, could reduce the risk of herpes simplex virus (HSV) infections — as well as HIV infections — in women. Tenofovir taken orally had been demonstrated to inhibit reproduction of HIV, but Read More >>

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  3. HSV-2 suppression to reduce HIV transmission among partners

    via IRMA member Rober Reinhard: An interesting paper was published today about HSV-2 suppression to reduce HIV transmission among partners, describing the largest cohort of serodiscordant couples ever organized. It also contains an important explanation of the differences between reducing “transmission” and reducing “acquisition” that affect understanding of the “ACE” prevention study results. An amazing effort which Read More >>

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