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  1. Dr. Robert Grant “Person of the Year”

    via Time, by Alice Park Dr. Robert Grant has been a quietly powerful force in HIV research for years. In the early 2000s it was Grant, a professor of medicine at University of California, San Francisco, and Gladstone Institute of Virology and Immunology, who pushed to test the potential of antiviral drugs — normally used to treat Read More >>

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  2. PrEP Media Round-Up – It Works for Heterosexuals Too!

    [UPDATED JULY 18] The exciting news was announced last week that pre-exposure prophylaxis has been shown to work for heterosexual men and women as well as MSM. This is HUGE for HIV prevention. Below is a selection of news items and press releases we have collected on the two studies that reported out last week. In the comments feel Read More >>

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  3. Two studies show that drugs used to treat AIDS can be used to prevent HIV infection, too

    [THIS IS HUGE!] via Washington Post, by David Brown Two new studies done in three African countries have shown for the first time that AIDS drugs taken daily can cut by more than half a person’s chance of becoming infected with HIV through heterosexual intercourse. The results, announced early Wednesday, provide more evidence that the drugs responsible Read More >>

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  4. NEWS ROUNDUP: Early HIV Treatment Can Reduce Transmission Risk By 96%, Study Results Show

    via Kaiser Family Foundation Results from a multicountry clinical trial, sponsored by the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), show that HIV-positive people who take combination antiretroviral therapy (ART) can reduce the risk of transmitting the virus to their HIV-negative partners by 96 percent, U.S. researchers announced on Thursday “[i]n what is being hailed as Read More >>

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  5. Amount of HIV in Genital Fluid Linked to Transmission

    Via Health News, by Randy Dotinga In a development that could enhance HIV-prevention research, a new study of heterosexual couples confirms that the risk of transmitting HIV rises with the level of the virus in semen and cervical fluid. The finding, that more virus translates to higher likelihood of transmission, hasn’t been proven to this extent before, Read More >>

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  6. Bringing Up The Rear

    Via, by Tracy Clark-Flory It’s no secret that more Americans are having anal sex than ever before: A study published last year in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that more than 45 percent of women in their late 20s had tried anal sex. On the flip side, women rarely get the opportunity to be penetrators. Read More >>

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  7. Is Africa ready for PrEP?

    Via, by Adebisi Ademola Alimi One of the biggest breakthrough in HIV clinical research, since the outbreak of the epidemic 30 years ago, is the recent success in a clinical trial of a new HIV prevention approach based on the daily use of the antiretroviral drug Truvada by HIV negative person to prevent HIV transmission (Called Read More >>

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  8. CROI 2011: Rectal Microbicides to Prevent HIV Infection in Heterosexual Populations in High-prevalence Settings

    Poster from CROI 2011 Dobromir Dimitrov*1, M-C Boily2, S Abdool Karim3, and B Mâsse1,4Fred Hutchinson Cancer Res Ctr, Seattle, WA, US; 2Imperial Coll London, UK; 3Univ of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa; and 4Univ of Montreal, CanadaBackground: The role of anal intercourse in the overall heterosexual HIV epidemic remains unclear. However, it may be an important risk factor Read More >>

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  9. HIV Transmission Risk Through Anal Intercourse: systematic review, meta-analysis and

    Via International Journal of Epidemiology by Rebecca F Baggaley, Richard G White, and Marie-Claude Boily Background The human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infectiousness of anal intercourse (AI) has not been systematically reviewed, despite its role driving HIV epidemics among men who have sex with men (MSM) and its potential contribution to heterosexual spread. We assessed the per-act and Read More >>

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  10. HIV transmission risk during anal sex 18 times higher than during vaginal sex

    via Aidsmap, by Roger Pebody The risk of HIV transmission during anal intercourse may be around 18 times greater than during vaginal intercourse, according to the results of a meta-analysis published online ahead of print in the International Journal of Epidemiology. Moreover, as well as this empirical work the researchers from Imperial College and the London School Read More >>

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