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  1. Does Africa Need a Rectal Microbicide? The answer – YES!

    A rectal microbicide as a new HIV prevention technology is urgently needed in Africa for the large number of people practicing anal sex. Current HIV prevention efforts are unable to contain or reduce the spread of HIV infection through anal sex. One of the highlights of Microbicides 2010 was the presentation Does Africa need a rectal microbicide?  Read More >>

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  2. HIV is not a gay disease

    via, by Chris Ward The gay community is very aware of HIV. Indeed, the infection used to go by the name of gay-related immune deficiency (Grid) before it was discovered to have been transmitted through other non-sexual means such as intravenous drug use. It seems that history can leave quite a mark, not just in the Read More >>

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  3. What gay men can teach straights about safe sex

    via, by Tracy Clark-Flory Women are skipping the condoms when it comes to, well, the backdoor. It seems women have a safe sex blind spot when it comes to anal sex, according to a new report by the New York City Health Department. Far fewer women consistently use condoms during anal sex than men who sleep Read More >>

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  4. Health Department Highlights Health Risks of Unprotected Anal Sex among Heterosexual Women in New York City

    [press release] New survey suggests that women are less likely than men to use protection during anal intercourse Unprotected anal sex poses well known health hazards for men, but new research suggests that the practice is a significant health issue for women as well. More than 100,000 New York City women engage in anal intercourse each year, Read More >>

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  5. Ten percent of South African women report anal sex in the past three months

    via Aidsmap, by Roger Pebody A cross-sectional survey has found that 14% of men and 10% of women in Cape Town, South Africa, report having heterosexual anal intercourse. Condoms are used at roughly equivalent frequency as for vaginal sex, it is reported in the online edition of Sexually Transmitted Infections. The study’s authors believe that while anal Read More >>

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  6. Adding the Female Condom to the Public Health Agenda on Prevention of HIV and Other STIs Among Men and Women During Anal Intercourse

    June 2009, Vol 99, No. 6 | American Journal of Public Health 985-987© 2009 American Public Health AssociationDOI: 10.2105/AJPH.2008.141200 Adding the Female Condom to the Public Health Agenda on Prevention of HIV and Other Sexually Transmitted Infections Among Men and Women During Anal Intercourse Elizabeth A. Kelvin, PhD, MPH, Raymond A. Smith, PhD, Joanne E. Mantell, PhD, Read More >>

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  7. Relationship between heterosexual anal sex, injection drug use and HIV infection among black men and women

    ABSTRACT J M H Risser PhD , P Padgett PhD, M Wolverton MPH and W L Risser MD PhD US blacks carry a disproportionate risk of heterosexually transmitted HIV. This study aimed to evaluate the association between self-reported heterosexual anal intercourse and HIV. Using respondent-driven sampling (RDS), we recruited and interviewed 909 blacks from areas of high Read More >>

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  8. Heterosexual Anal Sex in the Age of HIV

    People are inundated with “safe sex” messages and condom advertisements, but heterosexual penetrative penile-anal sex is rarely, if ever mentioned in these, leaving a gaping hole in people’s knowledge and awareness. by Zoe Duby University of Cape Town Research on sexual transmission of HIV consistently finds unprotected anal intercourse to be a highly predictive risk factor for Read More >>

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  9. Can treatment-as-prevention end the pandemic?

    AIDS activists around the world cautiously praised the findings of an important new study published today in the medical journal The Lancet. The study, by a group of scientists from the HIV/AIDS and STOP TB departments at the World Health Organization (WHO), uses mathematical models to test the effectiveness of a strategy that includes universal annual HIV Read More >>

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  10. Butt First

    “It’s unconscionable and it’s criminal. 55 years after the Kinsey reports, nearly three decades into the AIDS pandemic, we are still grasping for reliable data about concepts as fundamental as rates of anal sex in heterosexual populations.” by Mark Hubbard, viaHIV Prevention Justice Blog Last week, as I sat through a day and a half of CDC-sponsored Read More >>

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