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  1. Playboy Sex Poll: 47% of college students have had anal sex

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  2. HIV rates in Soweto Township gays

    via Scientistlive New research from UCSF examining HIV among men who have sex with men (MSM) in the township of Soweto in South Africa has found that a third of gay-identified men are infected with HIV. The study’s authors were the first to examine HIV and the community of men who have sex with men in the Read More >>

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  3. High Occurrence in Africa of HIV among Homosexual Men Study Finds

    via, by Patrick B. Craine A new literature review, published by The Lancet, emphasizes the great proportion of HIV/AIDS cases among men who have sex with men (MSM) in sub-Saharan Africa, a fact often ignored in the fight against AIDS in Africa. The study concludes, however, that the solution to the problem lies in greater openness Read More >>

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  4. The Uncelebrated Beauty of Men’s Sexuality – The Indypendent

    Pornography, it seems to me, presents a highly distorted image of men. While my research with thousands of men shows a different picture of “who men are sexually,” pornography imposes a rigid ideological view on male sexual feelings, expression and behavior. They are not the monolithic beings depicted in most porno images, nor do they find their Read More >>

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  5. HSV-2 suppression to reduce HIV transmission among partners

    via IRMA member Rober Reinhard: An interesting paper was published today about HSV-2 suppression to reduce HIV transmission among partners, describing the largest cohort of serodiscordant couples ever organized. It also contains an important explanation of the differences between reducing “transmission” and reducing “acquisition” that affect understanding of the “ACE” prevention study results. An amazing effort which Read More >>

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  6. Relationship between heterosexual anal sex, injection drug use and HIV infection among black men and women

    ABSTRACT J M H Risser PhD , P Padgett PhD, M Wolverton MPH and W L Risser MD PhD US blacks carry a disproportionate risk of heterosexually transmitted HIV. This study aimed to evaluate the association between self-reported heterosexual anal intercourse and HIV. Using respondent-driven sampling (RDS), we recruited and interviewed 909 blacks from areas of high Read More >>

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  7. Heterosexual anal sex common, frequently not protected by condoms

    Heterosexual anal sex is common among STD clinic clients, but is frequently not protected by condom use. Author: Hollander, D.Publication:Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive HealthDate: Mar 1, 2009 During the year following a visit to one of three public STD clinics, clients who returned for follow-up visits frequently reported engaging in heterosexual anal sex, mostly without using Read More >>

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  8. Increase In Anal Intercourse Involving At-Risk Teens And Young Adults

    via Medical News Today Source A new study by researchers at the Bradley Hasbro Children’s Research Center suggests that the incidence of heterosexual anal sex is increasing among teens and young adults – particularly those who have recently had unprotected vaginal sex. These findings mirror recent data that show anal sex rates among adults doubled between the Read More >>

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  9. Anal Intercourse Among Young Heterosexuals in Three Sexually Transmitted Disease Clinics in the United States

    Source. Gorbach PM, Manhart LE, Hess KL, Stoner BP, Martin DH, Holmes KK. From the *Department of Epidemiology, School of Public Health, University of California Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California; the daggerDepartments of Epidemiology, Medicine, and Global Health, University of Washington, Seattle, Washington; and the double dagger Departments of Anthropology and Medicine, Washington University St. Louis, St. Read More >>

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  10. Jo’Burg – The marginalization of lubricant

    via PlusNews – Johannesburg, South Africa On Valentines Day, happy couples all over the world will be cozying up, dimming the lights and turning on Marvin Gaye – much to the chagrin of their single counterparts everywhere. But what if – when the moment is just right – the unthinkable happens? Your partner slides on a condom, Read More >>

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