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  1. At Risk: Sex, HIV and the Community in Pakistan

    [Thanks to the Global Forum on MSM and HIV for putting this on our radar.] via Newsline, by Huma Khawar Around 15 years of age, clad in a dirty shalwar kameez, the boy walks around the park, zeroes in on a customer and having struck the deal, takes him to the filthy public toilet located on the Read More >>

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  2. Hijras take to Dhaka catwalk as part of unique awareness campaign

    via, by Fahmida Wadud Chaity Dhaka, Aug 18 (—The audience at a show titled “Agony and Ecstasy,” at the National Museum on Tuesday, were treated to a unique event as Hijras took to the catwalk in a fashion show as part of the programme’s aim to to sensitise the larger community on transgender issues. The programme, Read More >>

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