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  1. The West’s Influence on the Spread of AIDS

    viaNPRbooks HIV is a slow-moving time bomb. Unlike Ebola, which infects and kills people quickly — and then disappears just as quickly — the HIV epidemic has become so good at killing people in part because it moves so very slowly, says journalist Craig Timberg. “In vaginal sex, you can have sex with hundreds of people and Read More >>

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  2. Phylodynamics of HIV-1 Subtype B among the MSM Population in Hong Kong

    via, by Jonathan Hon-Kwan Chen, Ka-Hing Wong, Kenny Chi-Wai Chan, Sabrina Wai-Chi To, Zhiwei Chen, and Wing-Cheong Yam Abstract The men-having-sex-with-men (MSM) population has become one of the major risk groups for HIV-1 infection in the Asia Pacific countries. Hong Kong is located in the centre of Asia and the transmission history of HIV-1 subtype B Read More >>

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  3. Study in The Lancet: Antiretroviral Therapy Associated with 92% Decreased Risk of HIV Transmission among HIV-1 Discordant Couples in a Large Multinational Study

    via University of Washington International Clinical Research Center, by The Lancet “HIV-positive individuals who used antiretroviral therapy (ART) reduced the risk of transmitting HIV to their uninfected partners by 92 percent.” – The Lancet Journal During the study, 349 HIV-infected partners initiated ART at an average CD4 count of 198. Of the 103 HIV infections that occurred Read More >>

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  4. Eradication of smallpox may have set the stage for HIV pandemic, study says

    via Los Angeles Times, by Thomas H. Maugh II “While these results are very interesting and hopefully may lead to a new weapon against the HIV pandemic, they are very preliminary and it is far too soon to recommend the general use of vaccinia immunization for fighting HIV,” Weinstein said in a statement. Given the great difficulties Read More >>

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  5. Discrimination hurts fight against HIV in homosexual men in Asia-Pacific – UN

    Original posted by UN News May 18 More than 90 per cent of men having sex with men in the Asia-Pacific region, a group in which HIV prevalence has reached alarming levels, do not have access to prevention and care services due to an adverse legal and social environment, a United Nations-backed forum was told today. Read Read More >>

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  6. Theory Explains Why Some With HIV Survive Longer

    via by, Jason Socrates Bardi A group of researchers in Boston announced a new theory this week that may help to explain a longstanding mystery in AIDS research: why some people with HIV survive for decades without ever developing AIDS. About one out of every 200 people who catch HIV are considered “long-term non-progressors” or “elite Read More >>

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  7. Microbicides, vaccines may need to repel HIV contact at mucosa

    via Aidsmap News, by Keith Alcorn Scientists have been faced with the question of how HIV actually gets underneath epithelial cells to infect other cells that are susceptible to HIV. “It’s not the cells on top,” Kaushic said. “It is the immune cells underneath that have all the receptors that HIV likes to latch on to and Read More >>

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  8. New HIV strain discovered

    A new strain of the virus that causes AIDS has been discovered in a woman from the African country of Cameroon. It differs from the three known strains of human immunodeficiency virus and appears to be closely related to a form of simian virus recently discovered in wild gorillas, researchers report in Monday’s edition of the journal Read More >>

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