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  1. Soooooooo….. Are Lubes Safe?

    via Positive Lite, by Marc-André LeBlanc “This situation is unacceptable. We’re in 2013, for the love of all that is wet and wild! How can we not know the answer to such a fundamental question—are lubes safe?”   Here I am again, standing in front of a giant wall of lube options at a local store. Water-based, silicone-based, Read More >>

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  2. VOICE Lesson: It’s Unfair to be Non-Adherent

    This post by IRMA’s Jim Pickett first appeared on the blog of the HIV Prevention Justice Alliance. The VOICE results are extremely important to the field of new prevention technology research. I hope current/future/much-needed discussions about VOICE don’t get drowned out by the HYPE (yes, all caps HYPE) surrounding the “baby cure” story which has dominated coverage out Read More >>

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  3. 263 Organizations and Individuals Have Endorsed the Call to Action on Lube Safety – HAVE YOU SIGNED ON?

    Since we launched the Call to Action on Lubricant Safety on Valentine’s Day, we have collected 84 organizational endorsements and 179 individual endorsements from every corner of the globe. Thank you to ALL who have endorsed so far. The list of organizational endorsers is provided below. Is your organization on the list? If you haven’t endorsed yet – now Read More >>

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  4. IRIN PlusNews: Lack of lube hurts HIV prevention

    via IRIN PlusNews “Key populations – such as MSM and sex workers – who need the lubricant the most, often get their health-related services from local NGOs, which are not often included in [HIV/AIDS] policies or broader [health] programmes,” explained Bidia Deperthes, a senior HIV adviser with UNFPA’s Comprehensive Condom Programming division in New York. KATHMANDU, 21 February Read More >>

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  5. HIV home tests – how will they be used?

    [This article was inspired by the lively discussion and debate on IRMA’s highly active moderated listserv for its members. Interested in signing up? Send IRMA a note at] Attempts to overly mediate how I receive information about my body amount to little more than a paternalistic view of what I can handle. via aidsmap, by Roger Read More >>

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  6. POZ: David Evans Gets Practical About PrEP

    [IRMA highly recommends this one. Brilliant, strategic, thoughtful, sober, forward-thinking – a must read] via POZ, by David Evans Excerpt: Give people the facts–the whole picture–and let them decide whether PrEP is right for them Let’s tell people how effective the drug is when they actually take it as prescribed–over 90 percent effective–and stop quoting statistics from Read More >>

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  7. U.S. Policy Addresses HIV Epidemic in the LGBT Community

    via HuffPost, by Charles Stephens We finally are starting to scratch the surface of the depth of the HIV crisis among young black men who have sex with men (MSM). Late last summer the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) announced the most recent HIV incidence numbers, indicating that young, black MSM were the only population Read More >>

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  8. U.S HIV Funding for Gay and Bisexual Men May Cause Concerns

    via Funders Concerned About AIDS, by Sean Cahill Over the past few years we have witnessed a number of advances in science-based HIV prevention and care policy and LGBT health policy in the U.S. We have a first-ever National HIV/AIDS Strategy that prioritizes reducing the disparity affecting gay and bisexual men—who were 64% of new infections in Read More >>

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  9. Dr. Grant Colfax: New Director of White House Office of National AIDS Policy

    via PR Newswire San Francisco AIDS Foundation applauds President Obama’s selection of Dr. Grant Colfax to become director of the White House Office of National AIDS Policy. Dr. Colfax is uniquely suited to continue the momentum established under his predecessor, Mr. Jeffrey Crowley, in advancing the ambitious goals outlined in the president’s National HIV/AIDS Strategy and moving Read More >>

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  10. MSMGF’s Top 10 Policy Developments for Gay Men and Other MSM in 2011

    via MSMGF, by George Ayala, Jack Beck, Krista Lauer, Mohan SundararajDear all, The year 2011 saw a number of events that changed the global landscape for advocates working on issues concerning HIV among men who have sex with men (MSM). From groundbreaking epidemiological research to the collapse of Global Fund Round 11, the past 12 months have Read More >>

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