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  1. Activists Hopeful on Repealing Anti-Homosexuality Law in Jamaica

    viaThe Guardian by Sarah Boseley They are one of the world’s most beleaguered gay communities, brutalised by violence, hounded by a law that makes homosexual acts a crime and driven into the shadows in a country where four in five people admit they are homophobic. But now gay people in Jamaica are cautiously optimistic that change may Read More >>

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  2. Obama and Clinton Pledge to Protect Gay Rights Throughout the World

    via The New York Times, by Stephen Lee Myers The Obama administration announced on Tuesday that the United States would use all the tools of American diplomacy, including the potent enticement of foreign aid, to promote gay rights around the world. In a memorandum issued by President Obama in Washington and in a speech by Secretary of Read More >>

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  3. Global Coalition for MSM Health and Human Rights Announces Five-Year Strategy

    via The Global Forum on MSM and HIV A global coalition of concerned stakeholders has come together to develop a collaborative strategy to promote the health and human rights of men who have sex with men (MSM). The group of more than 40 participants from over 25 countries, half of whom are people living with HIV, convened Read More >>

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  4. Kenyan ex-pat (and IRMA Steering Committee Member) aims to help gay countrymen

    [We are so proud of IRMA Steering Committee Larry Misedah – shown on the left in the pic below. His compelling story is a must-read. Of note, Larry will be joining a group of IRMA members in Addis Ababa this December for Project ARM – Africa for Rectal Microbicides organizing and strategizing activities taking place in advance Read More >>

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  5. Meet Amadou Moreau: Another New Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate!

    “Advocating for the cause of minority groups in general is on my everyday to do list.” Amadou Moreau is an IRMA advocate from Dakar, Senegal. There he is also a sociologist and demographer and Vice President of Global Initiatives at the Global Research and Advocacy Group (GRAG) – and he loves his job. HIV related matters are Read More >>

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  6. SWAZILAND: HIV prevalence among factory workers “50 percent”

    Via PlusNews. A new government study has found that more than half of workers in Swaziland’s garment industry are living with HIV, and officials are realizing that the once-hailed promise of manufacturing employment has become a financial and medical nightmare for tens of thousands of Swazi women. “HIV prevalence among factory workers is 50.3 percent,” said Nhlanhla Read More >>

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  7. Homophobia stymies HIV fight in Islamic countries

    Via New Scientist, by Andy Coghlan. Stigma and homophobia against gay men is hampering efforts to manage a growing epidemic of HIV in Islamic countries, warn epidemiologists this week. “The stigma is a barrier to HIV prevention services,” says Laith Abu-Raddad of the Weill Cornell Medical College-Qatar in Doha. He heads up a team that is assembling, Read More >>

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  8. Former Ex-Gay Ugandan Man Now Regrets Past Homophobic Comments

    Via Behind the Mask. A man who in 2009 renounced homosexuality at a public forum in Kampala has now told Behind the Mask that he regrets his previous actions and would like to be forgiven by the LGBTI community. Saying that he felt “there is a fire in the belly saying gay is really who you are,” Read More >>

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  9. U.S. to Take Another Look at Gay Blood Donation Ban

    Via the National Journal, by Maggie Fox. A policy that bars gay men from donating blood for life is “suboptimal,” advisers to the Health and Human Services Department said on Tuesday, and needs another look. HHS asked a committee of experts on blood and tissue donations to reexamine the policy and see if there is a way Read More >>

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  10. Homophobia in Ghana

    Understanding the Drivers of Homophobia in Ghana Via PlusNews. Recent condemnation of homosexuality by religious and political leaders in Ghana has led to a climate of fear preventing men who have sex with men (MSM) from accessing vital health services, say local NGOs. The minister of Ghana’s Western Region, Paul Evans Aidoo, publicly described homosexuality as “detestable Read More >>

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