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  1. Meet George Victor Owino: Our Newest Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate!

    “You should try being an IRMA advocate; you will love the energy and drive you get from it. If you can say rectal microbicides to over 100 people, you can sell anything to anyone on this earth!” George is an IRMA advocate from Nairobi, Kenya. There he is the Project Coordinator and Health Educator at Ishtar MSM Read More >>

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  2. Meet Alliance Nikuze: Our New Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate

    “We are more than 7 billion people on this planet; we surely don’t and can’t have one way of having sexual intercourse. Our diversity is our wealth. Our sexuality as human beings is not supposed to be defined by the available prevention tools but all the HIV prevention tools have to be adapted to our sexuality.”  Alliance Read More >>

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  3. Meet Olumide Makanjuola: Our Newest Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate!

    “Rectal microbicides are a very important new prevention technology. They bring attention to anal intercourse and provide protection for those who practice it, regardless of their sexual identities.” Olumide is an IRMA advocate from Lagos, Nigeria. He works at TIERs (The Initiative for Equal Rights) for the rights of LGBT people and sexual health rights. He loves Read More >>

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  4. Meet Stefan Baral: Our Newest Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate!

    “Though linked geographically, there is extreme diversity in the dynamics of transmission of HIV and potential structural interventions to mitigate transmission. Let the local community lead the way in terms of messaging and strategy, and progress will be made while staying on terra firma.” Stefan Baral is an IRMA advocate from Baltimore, Maryland. He is a physician, Read More >>

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  5. Critical to fight stigma and discrimination faced by MSM

    via Inside Story, by Gregory Trotter The dream of the AIDS-free generation will never be realized as long as there remain countries in the world that kill and imprison people for being gay. Same goes for countries that won’t even acknowledge homosexuality exists within their national boundaries and therefore fail to provide targeted HIV prevention and treatment Read More >>

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  6. ICASA 2011: The 16th Annual International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa

    IRMA’s Project ARM is is a project with the goal of expanding African mobilization and enhancing community capacity around rectal microbicide advocacy, eventually hoping to aid the development of an African rectal microbicide agenda through community participation. IRMA and Project ARM are going to be at ICASA – the 16th annual International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Read More >>

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  7. Dakar: Report from ICASA

    by IRMA member Lourence “Larry” Misedah of Kenya (pictured above) It was a first in the history of the International Conference on AIDS and STI in Africa (ICASA). At the 15th ICASA held in Dakar, Senegal from 3-7th December 2008,there was high visibility and a wide presentation of LGBTI issues. The LGBT pre-conference brought different participants together Read More >>

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