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  1. Infection-resistant monkeys could be crucial in the fight against HIV

    Via Io9, by Alasdair Wilkins. Sooty mangabeys are a monkey species found on the western coast of central Africa. Their unique immunity to SIV, a relative of HIV, has intrigued medical researchers for decades. Now we know just how their immunity works. SIV and HIV function in much the same way – the viruses find two molecules Read More >>

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  2. HIV Envelope Discovery Could Reveal New Vaccine Targets

    Via An international study headed by a UC Davis scientist describes how a component of a potential HIV vaccine opens like a flower, undergoing one of the most dramatic protein rearrangements yet observed in nature. The finding could reveal new targets for vaccines to prevent HIV infection and AIDS. A paper describing the work was published Read More >>

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  3. The Mystery of AIDS Immunity: Solved

    From TIME Magazine, by Meredith Melnick Bruce Walker, an AIDS researcher at Harvard University and Massachusetts General Hospital, has long been trying to understand why some people with HIV can remain untreated for decades and never progress to AIDS. On Nov. 4, Walker and colleagues published research that helps explain these HIV controllers: genetic variations that change Read More >>

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  4. Eradication of smallpox may have set the stage for HIV pandemic, study says

    via Los Angeles Times, by Thomas H. Maugh II “While these results are very interesting and hopefully may lead to a new weapon against the HIV pandemic, they are very preliminary and it is far too soon to recommend the general use of vaccinia immunization for fighting HIV,” Weinstein said in a statement. Given the great difficulties Read More >>

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  5. Theory Explains Why Some With HIV Survive Longer

    via by, Jason Socrates Bardi A group of researchers in Boston announced a new theory this week that may help to explain a longstanding mystery in AIDS research: why some people with HIV survive for decades without ever developing AIDS. About one out of every 200 people who catch HIV are considered “long-term non-progressors” or “elite Read More >>

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  6. Microbicides, vaccines may need to repel HIV contact at mucosa

    via Aidsmap News, by Keith Alcorn Scientists have been faced with the question of how HIV actually gets underneath epithelial cells to infect other cells that are susceptible to HIV. “It’s not the cells on top,” Kaushic said. “It is the immune cells underneath that have all the receptors that HIV likes to latch on to and Read More >>

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  7. Unprotected sex between HIV-infected partners keeps immune responses activated

    Crabb, CharleneAIDS. 23(11):N7, July 17, 2009.HIV acts as a ‘natural immunogen’, keeping anti-HIV-1 immune responses boosted in HIV-infected male couples who have unprotected sex, say University of California San Francisco researchers [original article from UCSF researchers: PLoS Pathog 2008; 4:e1000185]. Until now, little has been reported on the consequences of continued exposure to HIV in people who Read More >>

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