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  1. New Study: Neither Wealth Nor Poverty are Reliable Predictors of HIV Infection in Africa

    Via PlusNews A new study has challenged widely held assumptions about income level in relation to HIV, finding that neither wealth nor poverty are reliable predictors of HIV infection in Africa. Previously, the argument that poverty drove HIV epidemics was supported by the World Bank and UNAIDS, as well as less reliable authorities like former South African Read More >>

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  2. Researchers: Zimbabwe’s crisis driving HIV decline

    by Michelle Faul, Associated Press CAPE TOWN, South Africa — Fewer Zimbabweans are getting infected with AIDS, and researchers speculate it’s due in part to a battered economy that’s leaving men short of money to be sugar daddies and keep mistresses. Presenting a study of the infection rate among pregnant women at a major international AIDS conference Read More >>

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  3. South Africa: Lesbians and HIV: Low risk but not no risk

    JOHANNESBURG, 14 July 2009 (PlusNews) – Women who sleep with women (WSW) are not at risk of HIV transmission – or are they? AIDS advocates warn that it is time for a wake-up call about who is and is not at risk. HIV prevention among WSW and lesbian women remains off the prevention agenda, said Beverley Palesa Read More >>

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  4. HIV rates have DOUBLED among gay men in Europe, TRIPLED among gay men in China

    Rates of HIV among gay men have tripled in China in three years, according to the Shanghai Daily. In Europe, rates have almost doubled since 2000, according to aidsmap. Article from China: HIV-rate among gay men triples The prevalence of HIV/AIDS infection among local gay and bisexual men has almost tripled from 1.5 percent three years ago Read More >>

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  5. The Worst Kept Non-Secret in Public Health

    by David Ernesto Munar We may never know whether this delay is due to legitimate scientific concerns, deliberate suppression or both. But with every month of delay, the CDC is missing opportunities to sound a much-needed alarm to those who have allowed inadequate funding and ill-advised policy to perpetuate high rates of HIV transmission. Since the fall Read More >>

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