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  1. Rectal Sexually Transmitted Infections and Lubricant Use

    via Sexually Transmitted Diseases, by Pamina M. Gorbach, DrPH, Robert E. Weiss, PhD, Edward Fuchs, PA-C, Robin A. Jeffries, MS, Marjan Hezerah, PhD, Stephen Brown, MD, Alen Voskanian, MD, Edward Robbie, MPH, Peter Anton, MD, and Ross D. Cranston, MD Background Use of lubricant products is extremely common during receptive anal intercourse (RAI) yet has not been Read More >>

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  2. Age as a Risk “Marker” for MSM

    via JAIDS, by Potterat, John J BA; Brewer, Devon D PhD Hurt and colleagues observed that primary HIV infection (PHI) in men who have sex with men (MSM) was associated with selecting older sex partners. Specifically, MSM with PHI (median age, 24.5 years) tended to choose partners 5 years older (median, 29.8 years) compared with uninfected MSM Read More >>

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  3. Criminalizing HIV Transmission Will Only Spread the Problem

    Via the Vancouver Sun, by Peter McKnight. It sounds like the synopsis of a B-movie: Thanks to the long arm of the law, the world is once again safe from The Attack of the Killer HIV-people. Safe from Johnson Aziga, the Ontario man who had sex with more than a dozen women without informing them of his Read More >>

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  4. Risk factors for HIV vary between African cities, need tailored responses

    Via AIDSMap, by Carole Leach-Lemens. A comparative study in three large cities in southern Africa has found big differences in risk factors for acquisition of HIV infection, emphasising the importance of locally tailored HIV prevention strategies and up-to-date information on local risk factors. The study looked at behavioural risk factors associated with acquiring HIV infection in 5000 Read More >>

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  5. KENYA: Rural MSM Too Afraid to Access HIV Health Services

    Via PlusNews. Discriminatory laws and a largely homophobic society mean that men who have sex with men (MSM) in Kenya generally find it difficult to access HIV-related information and health services, but rural MSM have an especially hard time. When Kibet Kipsowen*, 30, a cattle keeper in Kenya’s Rift Valley Province, and his partner have sex, they Read More >>

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  6. HIV Envelope Discovery Could Reveal New Vaccine Targets

    Via An international study headed by a UC Davis scientist describes how a component of a potential HIV vaccine opens like a flower, undergoing one of the most dramatic protein rearrangements yet observed in nature. The finding could reveal new targets for vaccines to prevent HIV infection and AIDS. A paper describing the work was published Read More >>

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  7. Traditional Leaders challenged to actively participate in the fight against HIV

    Via Traditional leaders from southern Africa have been challenged to play an active role in the fight against HIV for the region to achieve zero new infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS related deaths. This was said by the Executive Director of SAfAIDS, Mrs Lois Chingandu at the Regional Traditional Leadership Rock Indaba-50 x 15 Prevention Read More >>

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  8. African Girls Getting World Bank Cash Deters Sex With ‘Sugar Daddies’

    Via Bloomberg, by Simon Clark Young women in sub-Saharan Africa have HIV infection rates up to three times higher than their male peers, largely because of relationships with older “sugar daddies” who give them money in exchange for sex. The phenomenon contributes significantly to HIV’s spread, said Ester Etkin of loveLife, South Africa’s largest anti-AIDS group. A Read More >>

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  9. PrEP: A Possible Approval Like No Other

    Via Poz, by Tim Horn The AIDS Healthcare Foundation began a paid advertisement campaign urging Gilead Sciences to refrain from seeking approval from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for Truvada for use of the combination tablet as HIV prevention, in an approach known as pre-exposure prophylaxis, or PrEP. The ads were met by an outcry from the Read More >>

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  10. New recommendations to reach 2015 goals for AIDS response

    Via Thirty years into the AIDS epidemic, investments in the AIDS response are yielding results, according to a new report released today by United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon. Titled Uniting for universal access: towards zero new HIV infections, zero discrimination and zero AIDS-related deaths, the report highlights that the global rate of new HIV infections is Read More >>

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