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  1. Gay Asylum Seekers from Iran and Cameroon Win Appeal

    Via BBC Two gay men who said they faced persecution in their home countries have the right to asylum in the UK, the Supreme Court has ruled. The panel of judges said it had agreed “unanimously” to allow the appeals from the men, from Cameroon and Iran. They had earlier been refused asylum on the grounds they Read More >>

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  2. Gay Iranians increasingly fleeing their country after June’s crackdown

    via The Washington Post, by Anthony Faiola “For a moment, it felt so powerful,” Farzan said through an interpreter. “We were marching in the streets. There were not that many of us — maybe 150 in a crowd of thousands. But we were gay, and we were together, and we were calling for freedom.” Read the rest.

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  3. IRMA follows Iranian protests

    Up to the moment reporting on the Iranian protests, via Twitter, YouTube, and more Check out: The Daily Dish by Andrew Sullivan Live blogging on the Huffington Post by Nico Pitney

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  4. New study claims 16% of Iranian men have had gay relationships

    via A sociologist at an Iranian university has presented a new study that shows high levels of homosexual experiences among the country’s population. Iran has strict laws against sex outside marriage and other sexual acts such as masturbation. Adultery and same-sex acts are punishable by death. Startling new research from sociologist Parvaneh Abdul Maleki found that Read More >>

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