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  1. Anal Intercourse in Nigeria

    via Nigerian Tribune, by Muda Oyeniran Not less than 12 percent of public secondary school students in Nigeria practise anal sex while 12.1 per cent of university students and 15.2 per cent adolescents in northern Nigeria engage in the act. Morenike Ukpong, the coordinator of the New Vaccine and Microbicide Advocacy Society, a Lagos-based non-governmental organisation, who Read More >>

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  2. You oughta be in pictures —- IRMA-Lagos is ready for their closeup

    Kadiri Audu transmitted these photos from the recent HIV/AIDS advocacy event he and IRMA-Lagos participated in with the Otumara Concerned Barbers. Read his post on the event. You guys ROCK!

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  3. Taking IRMA and AIDS Advocacy to the Grassroots in Lagos

    “The joy we derive is the factthat we are touching livesby giving life changing information to theless privileged people in the society.” by Kadiri Audu[pictured front center with IRMA members at the M2008 conference] IRMA-Lagos has been doing a lot recently. On the 29 of May, Nigeria’s Democracy Day, we partnered with a group of young barbers, Read More >>

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