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  1. The West’s Influence on the Spread of AIDS

    viaNPRbooks HIV is a slow-moving time bomb. Unlike Ebola, which infects and kills people quickly — and then disappears just as quickly — the HIV epidemic has become so good at killing people in part because it moves so very slowly, says journalist Craig Timberg. “In vaginal sex, you can have sex with hundreds of people and Read More >>

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  2. Risk factors for HIV vary between African cities, need tailored responses

    Via AIDSMap, by Carole Leach-Lemens. A comparative study in three large cities in southern Africa has found big differences in risk factors for acquisition of HIV infection, emphasising the importance of locally tailored HIV prevention strategies and up-to-date information on local risk factors. The study looked at behavioural risk factors associated with acquiring HIV infection in 5000 Read More >>

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