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  1. Sexual Pleasure is Key for Successful Microbicides

    via WeNews, by Amy Littlefield Participants in Kate Morrow’s [IRMA Steering Committee Member] recent study may not have felt like they were fighting the global HIV epidemic. In fact, what they were literally feeling were gels of various consistencies inside their vaginas. The women in Morrow’s Project LINK answered questions after handling the gels, inserting them vaginally, Read More >>

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  2. Good discussion leads to good science!

    Hi Everyone! I just wanted to send a thank you to all those who listened in and discussed the issues on today’s IRMA global teleconference – “Women and Anal Sex: Yet Another Reason for Rectal Microbicide Advocacy.” I had a GREAT time and I hope you did too! Like we said on the call, we need more Read More >>

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