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  1. Tia IRMA is BACK with her Second Video on Rectal Microbicide Awareness

    You met Tia IRMA (Auntie IRMA), a character created by IRMA’s South American chapter IRMA-ALC (housed at Epicentro) to create awareness about rectal microbicides in a fun way, in this post from March 2012. This is the second in a series of videos that will try to explain, in a very colloquial and humorous way, everything you Read More >>

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  2. IRMA in Thailand to Prep for MTN 017

    IRMA, the Microbicide Trials Network (MTN), AVAC, and local partners participated in two community consultations in Thailand last week on the upcoming Phase II rectal microbicide trial called MTN 17.    Community stakeholders in Chiang Mai and Bangkok were provided updates on the field and were asked to provide feedback to the MTN about the draft MTN 017 Read More >>

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  3. IRMA-ALC Promotes Rectal Microbicides in Lima with Humor and Tia Irma

    Report from IRMA-ALC – our South American chapter. Don’t you just love Tia Irma??? Check out the cute video below… The Sexual Diversity Festival took place on Miraflores, a district of Lima on  Saturday, Cctober 8th. Epicentro was one of the hosting organizations IRMA ALC participated with Epicentro in our stand.. We had a roulette wheel with Read More >>

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  4. Meet Daniel Julio Eduardo Nuñez – A Friendly Rectal Microbicide Advocate

    “If we create a circle of people around you that at least know a word or two about rectal microbicides I believe the work is done, because everyone has his own circle, so the knowledge in one way or another will flow.” – Daniel Julio Eduardo Nuñez, Lima, Peru Daniel Nuñez is studying law. While working towards Read More >>

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  5. IRMA’s South American Chapter Celebrates Our New Report

    by Steve Miralles of IRMA-ALC Last Friday September 24 the Spanish version of IRMA’s latest report – From Promise to Product: Advancing Rectal Microbicide Research and Advocacy – was officially presented in Lima, Peru at Epicentro – a social organization that provides information about sexual and holistic health, as well as cultural activities, to the gay community Read More >>

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  6. Haz un clic and learn, baby, learn

    IRMA Steering Committee Member and IRMA-ALC Chair Jerome T. Galea gave the following presentation in Lima the end of November. Click the image to download his excellent slides – in Spanish. All IRMA members are encouraged to share their presentations with our vast network. Please send yours to Jim Pickett, IRMA Chair. Find other useful Spanish-language materials Read More >>

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  7. Lima’s Epicentro – right in the heart of the gay community

    The new Gay Men’s Community Center in Lima, Peru – Epicentro – is proud to announce that it has signed a lease for its own space, right in the heart of Lima’s growing gay community. Formed just this year, the center has moved rapidly to gain formal legal status and begin hosting twice-monthly community events and received Read More >>

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