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  1. Has anal sex gone out of vogue? What does this mean for HIV prevention?

    via the HIV MSM blog So the Advocate recently reported the findings of a large-scale survey on sexual behaviors.  Apparently, only 37.2% of over 24,000 gay and bisexually identified men indicated that their last sexual encounter consisted of anal sex.   The most practiced activities were kissing (almost 75%) and mutual masturbation (73%). The survey, entitled  ‘The Gay Read More >>

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  2. Hard Core Porn’s Pervasiveness and Evolving Sexual Behaviors

    via The Atlantic, by Natasha Vargas-Cooper Excerpt: Porn’s new pervasiveness and influence on the culture at large haven’t necessarily introduced anything new into our sexual repertoire: humans, after all, have been having sex—weird, debased, and otherwise—for quite a while. But pervasive hard-core porn has allowed many people to flirt openly with practices that may have always been Read More >>

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  3. STI, HIV Counseling Inadequate in Male Teens

    via Johns Hopkins Children’s Center, by media team Despite national guidelines aimed at improving sexual health services for teenagers, most sexually active boys — even those who report high-risk sexual behaviors — still get too little counseling about HIV and other sexually transmitted infections (STIs) during their visits to the doctor, according to a study led by Read More >>

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  4. Gay Iranians increasingly fleeing their country after June’s crackdown

    via The Washington Post, by Anthony Faiola “For a moment, it felt so powerful,” Farzan said through an interpreter. “We were marching in the streets. There were not that many of us — maybe 150 in a crowd of thousands. But we were gay, and we were together, and we were calling for freedom.” Read the rest.

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  5. Rape not just a women’s issue

    via, by Michael Amherst “Homophobic obsession with anal sex arguably has less to do with the act itself – increasingly acceptable in heterosexual discourse – than the perception that a man is denigrating himself by taking on what is perceived to be the passive, feminine role.” Published last Monday, the Stern Review sets a new benchmark Read More >>

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  6. The Uncelebrated Beauty of Men’s Sexuality – The Indypendent

    Pornography, it seems to me, presents a highly distorted image of men. While my research with thousands of men shows a different picture of “who men are sexually,” pornography imposes a rigid ideological view on male sexual feelings, expression and behavior. They are not the monolithic beings depicted in most porno images, nor do they find their Read More >>

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