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  1. The HIV Prevention Pipeline: A Future of Possibilities

    via IRMA/AVAC, presented by Jim A. Turpin Please register for this teleconference.  Meeting Description: In the last two years there has been great progress in ARV-based prevention strategies – both in terms of PrEP and microbicides. Specifically, there has been enormous excitement and promise around two drugs – tenofovir and Truvada. And more recently, studies testing Dapivirine Read More >>

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  2. New, Long-Term PrEP Study Announced

    Via Now Chelsea, by Sam Spokony. Few methods of HIV prevention have been as promising, or as controversial, as pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP). After a history of underground practice and off-label prescriptions, the approach has recently begun to receive serious attention from researchers, policy makers and health care advocates. An outgrowth of post-exposure prophylaxis (or PEP, a short-term Read More >>

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  3. Maraviroc showing tantalising promise as (a rectal) microbicide in preclinical studies (CROI)

    via Aidsmap, via Gus Cairns Excerpt:  n the other presentation, Kevin Brown of the University of North Carolina presented findings of maraviroc concentration in the semen and rectal tissue of male volunteers after oral dosing. The study used twelve HIV-negative male volunteers, who took an eight-day course of maraviroc dosed at the treatment level of 300mg twice Read More >>

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