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  1. MTV Drama Raising HIV Awareness in Africa

    From CNN, by Tom Hayes “It’s the story of morning afters and sweet departures…and the stains we leave on each other.” -From the trailer of Shuga, a cutting-edge MTV drama that’s been a smash hit in Africa. For many young Africans, the three-part TV series about a group of students in Nairobi living under the constant specter of Read More >>

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  2. Oprah Misses the Mark on HIV/AIDS

    From the Huffington Post, by Kellee Terrell Oprah Winfrey devoted the Oct. 7 episode of her talk show to HIV/AIDS. But instead of it being about anything substantial, eye-opening or educational, Oprah decided to focus on issues that distort the epidemic. “Why She Sued Her Husband for 12 Million and Won” opened with beautiful, educated Bridget, who Read More >>

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  3. Poll finds majority in California support gay marriage; where do Times readers stand?

    via Los Angeles Times, by Gerrick D. Kennedy Less than two years after Californians approved a ban on gay marriage, a new poll found that more residents support same-sex unions than oppose them. A poll from the Public Policy Institute of California released in March found respondents backing gay marriage 50% to 45%. And a Times/USC poll Read More >>

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  4. Are We Bored with AIDS?

    I hate to be a scold, especially when I’m as curious as the next guy about Tiger Woods’ alleged girlfriend. Still, when we’re done with all the gawking, can we take a moment for something more important? Via NPR, by Harold Pollack Almost six thousand people died of AIDS Monday. An even greater number became HIV-infected, though Read More >>

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  5. Right-Wingers Give Limbaugh’s Anal Sex References A Pass

    via Huffington Post, by Terry Krepel Media Research Center chief Brent Bozell is, to put it succinctly, not a fan of anal sex: — In 2006, he complained that at a Comedy Central roast for William Shatner, “the audience was buried in man-on-man anal-sex and oral-sex jokes.” — In 2008, he was offended that the ABC show Read More >>

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  6. The Microbicides Media and Communications Initiative is pleased to announce the launch of the official MMCI website!

    The Microbicides Media and Communications Initiative (MMCI) is a unique multi-partner collaboration housed at the Global Campaign for Microbicides designed to help the wider microbicides field anticipate and respond proactively to the communications challenges posed by the conduct of large scale effectiveness trials in Africa and other resource-limited settings. IRMA is a proud member of the MMCI. Read More >>

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