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  1. AVAC Report 2010: Turning the Page

    AVAC‘s 13th annual report, Turning the Page surveys, critiques and proposes recommendations for the field of biomedical prevention research: AIDS vaccines, microbicides and ARV-based prevention strategies such as PrEP and treatment as prevention. As the report describes, scientific developments in several arenas of biomedical prevention research have re-energized the search for additional strategies. In the vaccine field Read More >>

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  2. Six existing drug classes now being tested as microbicides

    via Aidsmap, by Gus Cairns “Rectal cells are more easily infected by HIV, a microbicide can make the most obvious difference to their vulnerability; it offers the most protection to the most easily-infected tissue cells, but makes less difference to less easily-infected tissue.” A number of presentations at the 2010 International Microbicides Conference in Pittsburgh concerned microbicide Read More >>

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  3. Aidsmap – Disappointment as microbicide fails to protect against HIV

    via Aidsmap, by Keith Alcorn A South African trial participant commented: “Even though the gel proved not to be effective, we played a role in the fight against HIV. We learnt a lot about caring for ourselves, such as using condoms. We also learnt to encourage others to test for HIV and we gained confidence in helping Read More >>

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