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  1. Targeting the Invisible World Of Men Who Have Sex With Men

    via Outwords, by Peter Carlyle-Gordge Ask any outreach worker in the fight against HIV transmission and you’ll find one of the hardest at-risk groups to reach is MSM, or men who have sex with men. Men in this group don’t necessarily identify as gay. Some may be married to women and have families. Some may simply avoid Read More >>

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  2. Persecuted for Being Gay

    via The Guardian, stories compiled by Gay Middle East Bisi Alimi, from Nigeria (an IRMA member!) In 2002, I was at university in Nigeria and standing for election. A magazine wrote about me and exposed me as being gay. This led the university to set up a disciplinary committee. I was very nearly dismissed. When I did Read More >>

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  3. Narrow Window To Avert HIV Epidemics Among MSM in Middle East and North Africa

    Via AIDSMap, by Michael Carter. HIV epidemics are emerging among men who have sex with men (MSM) in a number of Middle Eastern and North African countries, an international team of investigators report in the online journal PLoSMedicine. Prevalence of HIV was as high as 28% among some populations of MSM in Pakistan, and in 2008 over Read More >>

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  4. HIV stigma stifles outreach in Arab states

    via Arabian We have to admit this is home grown … Deportation doesn’t help. Just having someone with HIV doesn’t mean they are automatically spreading the virus. Only 10 to 14 percent of the 400,000 people infected with HIV in the Middle East and North Africa get treatment due to the stigma and discrimination that has Read More >>

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  5. New HIV Report Turns Up Some Surprises

    Via IRIN Statistics on the prevalence of HIV/AIDS in the Middle East are hard to come by but a new study launched on 28 June in the United Arab Emirates has attempted to gather all existing data into one place and add some analysis and action points for policymakers. In all previous reports we thought there was Read More >>

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  6. Sex Activist Wedad Lootah Challenges Taboos in Dubai

    “Many men who had anal sex with men before marriage want the same thing with their wives, because they don’t know anything else,” Ms. Lootah said. “This is one reason we need sex education in our schools. Challenging Sex Taboos, With Help From the Koran via the New York Times, by Robert F. Worth WEDAD LOOTAH does Read More >>

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