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  1. No condom use after recent viral load test safer than intermittent condom use

    From aidsmap, by Roger Peabody In stable gay couples, where one partner is taking HIV treatment and the other is HIV-negative, the risk of HIV transmission is relatively low if condoms are not used following a recent undetectable viral load test result. However, using condoms on a few more occasions but without reference to viral load substantially Read More >>

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  2. Is this the Start of a Backlash Against Circumcision?

    via The New Zealand Herald The Dutch have always had liberal views on sex. They led the world in developing open and frank sex education and were rewarded with one of the lowest rates of teenage pregnancy. But their tolerant nature has now hit the brick wall of religious conviction. The Royal Dutch Medical Association has officially Read More >>

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  3. IRMA Has a Dutch Love Affair!

    IRMA is thrilled to see that information on rectal microbicides, IRMA’s work and our report, Less Silence, More Science: Advocacy to Make Rectal Microbicides a Reality have been promoted on Homo HIV Plus, a Netherlands-based web site for HIV-positive gay men. Homo HIV Plus also included the post on HIVNet, a Dutch web forum. Lobby voor anaal Read More >>

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