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  1. Two studies show that drugs used to treat AIDS can be used to prevent HIV infection, too

    [THIS IS HUGE!] via Washington Post, by David Brown Two new studies done in three African countries have shown for the first time that AIDS drugs taken daily can cut by more than half a person’s chance of becoming infected with HIV through heterosexual intercourse. The results, announced early Wednesday, provide more evidence that the drugs responsible Read More >>

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  2. Good sex, good marriage, less HIV

    via The New Vision Online, by Catherine Watson A campaign on good marriage could explain that sometimes a man may have less sex than he would like but that this trade off is worth it to maintain family harmony and avoid acquiring or transmitting HIV. Many men think falsely that going without sex will harm their bodies, Read More >>

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  3. Gay and lesbian parents: Teaching kids it’s OK to be different

    via Instant Tea, by Tammye Nash & Elizabeth Farr As the child of a gay parent, I have decided to come out of the closet. I have finally “grown up” enough to realize that letting others know my dad is gay is a relief. I have never been ashamed of my father’s homosexuality but I have Read More >>

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  4. HSV-2 suppression to reduce HIV transmission among partners

    via IRMA member Rober Reinhard: An interesting paper was published today about HSV-2 suppression to reduce HIV transmission among partners, describing the largest cohort of serodiscordant couples ever organized. It also contains an important explanation of the differences between reducing “transmission” and reducing “acquisition” that affect understanding of the “ACE” prevention study results. An amazing effort which Read More >>

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