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  1. France’s The Warning on Biomedical Prevention

    via The Warning (France) In France, the controversy between HIV organizations about PrEP appear in the media and social networks, from moral considerations disguised in ethical objections to classic behavioral speculations (as there was on the TasP or PEP) [4]. So, to clarify and defuse the situation, it should be noted some points : The biomedical prevention is a Read More >>

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  2. Study confirms international outbreak of sexually transmitted hepatitis C

    From CATIE NewsCanadian Treatment Information Exchange (CATIE) Hepatitis C virus (HCV) can be spread in ways similar to HIV, particularly through sharing or receiving the following: * equipment for substance use* tattooing needles* contaminated blood or blood products HCV infects the liver and can cause inflammation and liver damage. Over a period of many years, liver damage Read More >>

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  3. HIV prevention: What have we learned from community experiences in concentrated epidemics?

    Journal of the International AIDS Society [October 1, 2008]Bruno Spire, Isabelle de Zoysa, Hakima Himmich Open Access AbstractDrawing on lessons learned from community experiences in concentrated epidemics, this paper explores three imperatives in the effort to reduce the sexual transmission of HIV: combat prevention fatigue, diversify HIV testing and combat stigma and discrimination. The paper argues for Read More >>

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