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  1. VIDEO: POZ on Location Captures 4 HOT Minutes on Rectal Microbicide Research

    “The Bottom Line on Rectal Microbicide Research” was presented by IRMA’s Jim Pickett at Gay Men’s Health Crisis in NYC on January 23, 2013. POZ Magazine recorded the proceedings and produced this 4-minute highlight video, below. Check it out! Click here to download Jim’s presentation slides. “The Rectal Revolution is Here” was screened as well. You can watch the 14-minute video Read More >>

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  2. 30 Years: The Changing Face of AIDS in the US

    by Aldona Martinka IRMA is drawing the focus to the thirtieth anniversary of HIV/AIDS with a short series on AIDS history. It will explore where we began, where we are now, and where we are going as we continue to battle this disease with hope and determination. This is part four of five. People living with HIV Read More >>

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  3. NAPWA Aims to Reshape U.S. AIDS Advocacy

    via by David Ernesto Munar …While a reorganized and reconfigured federal enterprise against HIV/AIDS is desperately needed, so are changes in the way HIV advocacy is nurtured, mobilized and deployed across the country… Read the rest.

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