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  1. Adherence to rectal microbicide use among mainly ethnic minority young MSM: lessons from a 3-month placebo gel trial at three US sites [IAS 2013]

    Oral paper presented by Alex Carballo-Diéguez at IAS 2013.   Click for slides. Abstract: Background: Adherence to product use is the cornerstone of microbicide studies. This is the first study to assess how frequently mainly ethnic minority MSM, ages 18-30, with a history of unprotected receptive anal intercourse (RAI) in the prior year, would self-administer gel using Read More >>

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  2. Learn about Project Gel – rectal microbicide research in action

    What is Project Gel?Project Gel is a federally-funded clinical research study that is being conducted at three sites in the United States, including: The University of Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, PA), Fenway Health (Boston, MA), and the University of Puerto Rico (San Juan, PR). Why is This Study Being Conducted?There are three main purposes of this study. In Part Read More >>

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