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  1. Sexually Explicit Media Analyzed as a Means for Preventive Education

    via Huffington Post, by John-Manuel Andriote Public health officials recommended early in the AIDS epidemic that HIV-prevention education be targeted and explicit, using language and images familiar to those it is intended to reach. Controversy has swirled ever since over what, exactly, is meant by “explicit” prevention education and who should pay for it. Prevention educators recognized Read More >>

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  2. The Role of Sexually Explicit Media (SEM) in the Transmission and Prevention of HIV Among MSM

    via AIDS and Behavior, by B. R. Simon Rosser, Jeremy A. Grey, J. Michael Wilkerson, Alex Iantaffi, Sonya S. Brady, Derek J. Smolenski and Keith J. Horvath Abstract Although research has been conducted over the last half century to test the hypothesis that pornography, or sexually explicit media (SEM), influences behavior, information regarding usage and its effect Read More >>

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  3. Safe Sex Advocates in the Red-Light Districts of Bangkok

    viaAlert Net, by Thin Lei Win It was an early Monday evening and the red light district in Thailand’s capital was already heaving — full of locals and foreigners drinking sundowner cocktails and enjoying the flesh parading before their eyes. Street vendors were selling food, clothes, souvenirs and Valentine’s Day gifts. They probably weren’t expecting a group Read More >>

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  4. Reasons behind high risk behaviors in Chinese MSM

    via BMC Public Health, by Guanzhi Chen, Yang Li, Beichuan Zhang, Zengzhao Yu, Xiufang Li, Lixin Wang, Ziming Yu Background Men who have sex with men (MSM) have become a high-risk group of HIV infection in China. To date, little is known regarding the behavioral, social and psychological characteristics in Chinese MSM, which makes the implementation of Read More >>

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  5. Ongoing risk behaviour likely cause of high HIV incidence rate among gay men treated with PEP

    via Aidsmap, by Michael Carter HIV incidence is high among gay men who use post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP), investigators from Amsterdam report in the online edition of AIDS. Overall, users of PEP were almost four times more likely to become infected with HIV than gay men who did not use the therapy. There was no evidence that PEP Read More >>

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  6. When Condoms Ain’t Enuf

    via The Body, by Allen Kwabena Frimpong and Michael Terry Everett “I also want to mention that we are increasingly becoming better at incorporating conversations about ‘harm reduction’ into the realms of substance use (needle exchanges, safe injection sites, pill testing, etc.), but we often fail to adequately translate this model when speaking of communicating risk reduction Read More >>

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  7. Pleasure as “Key Motivator” for Safe or Unsafe Sex

    via The Pleasure Project, by Revati I’ve been at the Asia Pacific AIDS conference for a week and so far, in all the sessions I have attended, only one person has spoken about pleasure and the need to recognise pleasure as a key motivator for safe or unsafe sex and that was a question from the audience. Read More >>

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  8. PrEP: Prevention Revolution or Magical Thinking

    One of the most exciting developments in the fight against HIV is a recent study that concluded that gay men could significantly reduce their risk of infection by taking an existing anti-HIV medication on a daily basis. Earlier this month our friends at Feast of Fun and Lifelube hosted a forum in Chicago to discuss the iPrEx study published Read More >>

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  9. HIV Risk of Anal Sex Misunderstood Among Heterosexuals

    This news article features our very own Zoe Duby, an IRMA advocate and valued member of our community! Congratulations to Zoe, and thank you for working so hard as an advocate for rectal microbicides and HIV prevention in South Africa and worldwide. Via PlusNews. Vaginal sex, thigh sex, even armpit sex – people have sex in lots Read More >>

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  10. So, what about this “magic pill” that can prevent HIV?!

    [If an item is not written by an IRMA member, it should not be construed that IRMA has taken a position on the article’s content, whether in support or in opposition.]

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