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  1. Soooooooo….. Are Lubes Safe?

    via Positive Lite, by Marc-André LeBlanc “This situation is unacceptable. We’re in 2013, for the love of all that is wet and wild! How can we not know the answer to such a fundamental question—are lubes safe?”   Here I am again, standing in front of a giant wall of lube options at a local store. Water-based, silicone-based, Read More >>

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  2. Global Call to Action: Demand Answers on Lubricant Safety (Have You Endorsed Yet?)

    Have you or your organization endorsed the Global Call to Action Demanding Answers on Lubricant Safety? Since Valentine’s Day, 140 organizations and 293 individuals in nearly fifty countries have endorsed the call to action – and numbers continue to grow! Please add your name if you haven’t already. Full lists of endorsers is below. Background: Recent studies Read More >>

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  3. 263 Organizations and Individuals Have Endorsed the Call to Action on Lube Safety – HAVE YOU SIGNED ON?

    Since we launched the Call to Action on Lubricant Safety on Valentine’s Day, we have collected 84 organizational endorsements and 179 individual endorsements from every corner of the globe. Thank you to ALL who have endorsed so far. The list of organizational endorsers is provided below. Is your organization on the list? If you haven’t endorsed yet – now Read More >>

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  4. IRIN PlusNews: Lack of lube hurts HIV prevention

    via IRIN PlusNews “Key populations – such as MSM and sex workers – who need the lubricant the most, often get their health-related services from local NGOs, which are not often included in [HIV/AIDS] policies or broader [health] programmes,” explained Bidia Deperthes, a senior HIV adviser with UNFPA’s Comprehensive Condom Programming division in New York. KATHMANDU, 21 February Read More >>

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  5. IRMA Issues Global Call to Action: We Demand Answers on Lubricant Safety

    More than 30 years into the HIV pandemic, we don’t know whether sexual lubricants increase, decrease or have no impact on the risk of acquiring HIV and other STIs. This is unacceptable. We demand answers on lubricant safety. We demand a Lubricant Safety Research Agenda.   Please join us. Click here to endorse this global Call to Action Read More >>

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  6. Chemical & Engineering News: Studies Raise Questions About Safety Of Personal Lubricants

    via Chemical & Engineering News, by Lauren K. Wolf Although most people will list only K-Y Jelly when asked to recall the names of personal lubricants, hundreds of the products are being used for sex across the globe. These sex aids are designed to make things easier. So it’s a little unsettling that experiments carried out in Read More >>

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  7. Cell Damage Caused by Application of Certain Personal Lubricants Does Not Increase Risk of HIV Infection in Tissues Exposed to HIV in a Laboratory, According to a New Study

    Below is an adapted version of the official MTN press release that went out moments ago on this study and associated PLoS One paper (“Is Wetter Better? An Evaluation of Over-the-Counter Personal Lubricants for Safety and Anti-HIV-1 Activity”). The IRMA modifications to the release – which do not alter any facts – underscore and emphasize that the study involved exposing human tissues to HIV in Read More >>

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  8. Sydney Microbicides 2012 Media Coverage : New Information on Lubricants and Anal Health

    via Citizen News, by Bobby Ramakant For how long will anal health and hygiene be neglected? “It is high time that anal health [and hygiene] comes out of the closet” said Dr Ross Cranston, Assistant Professor, University of Pittsburgh, USA. Dr Cranston was referring to the multitude of anal health complications people practicing receptive anal intercourse are Read More >>

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  9. Washington D.C.: Public Meeting on Safety Issues in PrEP

    An invitation from the Forum for Collaborative HIV Research: Safety Issues in Pre-exposure Prophylaxis for HIV negative individuals, proposals for management of safety concerns, and pending plans for scale-up Forum for Collaborative HIV Research 1608 Rhode Island Avenue, NW Washington, DC 20036 August 19, 2011 8:30am – 4:00pm The Forum for Collaborative HIV Research has been tasked Read More >>

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  10. HIV Risk of Anal Sex Misunderstood Among Heterosexuals

    This news article features our very own Zoe Duby, an IRMA advocate and valued member of our community! Congratulations to Zoe, and thank you for working so hard as an advocate for rectal microbicides and HIV prevention in South Africa and worldwide. Via PlusNews. Vaginal sex, thigh sex, even armpit sex – people have sex in lots Read More >>

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