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  1. Amount of HIV in Genital Fluid Linked to Transmission

    Via Health News, by Randy Dotinga In a development that could enhance HIV-prevention research, a new study of heterosexual couples confirms that the risk of transmitting HIV rises with the level of the virus in semen and cervical fluid. The finding, that more virus translates to higher likelihood of transmission, hasn’t been proven to this extent before, Read More >>

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  2. ‘It’s like the treasure’: beliefs associated with semen among young HIV-positive and HIV-negative gay men

    Published in: Culture, Health & Sexuality, Volume 10, Issue 7 October 2008 , pages 667 – 679 Authors: Arn J. Schilder a; Treena R. Orchard ab; Christopher S. Buchner c; Mary Lou Miller a; Kim A. Fernandes a; Robert S. Hogg ad; Steffanie A. Strathdee ade Affiliations: a British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS, Vancouver, Canadab Read More >>

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