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  1. Just Call Me Dylan

    by Mike PetersIRMA Intern  Recently on the highly-active IRMA listserv we discussed the issue of “gay shame” and the increased depression, substance abuse, and suicidal tendencies that go along with that notion.  The original posting had to do with a sense of internalized homophobia within the gay community.  While members of our listserv debated the accuracy of Read More >>

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  2. Married ‘Heterosexual’ Kenyan Men Who Have Sex With Other Men Form Support Group

    via Identity Kenya A new group of otherwise heterosexual men who engage in sexual activity with other men has been formed to create awareness on HIV and also fight blackmail that most of their members have fallen prey to. The group, Married Men Initiative (MMI), so far, boasts of fifty to sixty married men who meet regularly Read More >>

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  3. ‘Kothis’ (Feminised Males) Reducing Risk to HIV and Sexual Violence

    from News Blaze, by Anjali Singh Having faced ages of neglect, denial and invisibility, “Kothis” (feminised males) are now being mobilized by groups like ‘Bharosa’ in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh (India) to be empowered and demonstrate leadership in reaching out within their community for increasing access to essential services including HIV prevention, care, treatment and support services. They Read More >>

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  4. Top Scientists Get to the Bottom of Gay Male Sex Role Preferences

    via Scientific American, by Jesse Bering It’s my impression that many straight people believe that there are two types of gay men in this world: those who like to give, and those who like to receive. No, I’m not referring to the relative generosity or gift-giving habits of homosexuals. Not exactly, anyway. Rather, the distinction concerns gay Read More >>

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  5. Sex Workers’ Rights in Kenya: “It’s Better to Be a Thief Than Gay in Kenya”

    via Toward Freedom, by Siena Anstis People think you have been cursed. It’s painful, we wish we had freedom. John Mathenke was once arrested for being gay but, after failing to pay the customary bribe, was forced to have sex with the policeman. He had an orgy with a priest who publicly excoriates homosexuality, along with five Read More >>

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  6. LAOS: Tackling a hidden epidemic

    via PlusNews Excerpt: “Many Lao men will try sex with another man at least once in their lifetime,” said Pasomsouk, assistant project officer at the Men Having Sex with Men peer-education programme of the Burnet Institute, an Australian medical research facility. “Many of them might just be trying it to see what it’s like and never do Read More >>

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  7. Journal article: “Is ‘bareback’ a useful construct in primary HIV-prevention? Definitions, identity and research”

    by A. Carballo-Diéguez, A. Ventuneac, J. Bauermeister, G. W. Dowsett, C. Dolezal, R. H. Remien I. and Balan M. Rowe, January 2009,Culture, Health & Sexuality. The terms bareback and bareback identity are increasingly being used in academic discourse on HIV/AIDS without clear operationalisation. Using in depth,face-to-face interviews with an ethnically diverse sample of 120 HIVinfected and -uninfected Read More >>

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  8. You have til March 31 to Submit to the 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit

    Beep beep, heyyyy, TWEET TWEET. Follow the Summit on Twitter! Join the Summit group on Facebook! 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit, Chicago Have you sent in your workshop proposal? The 2009 National LGBTI Health Summit is currently accepting workshop proposals for the upcoming gathering, to be held in Chicago, IL August14-18, 2009. Proposals will be accepted through Read More >>

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  9. Keep Those LGBTI Health Summit Endorsements Coming!

    So far more than 100 people have endorsed the mission of the 2009 LGBTI Health Summit coming to Chicago next August. It’s a great start, but we need more support. Please keep spreading the word out far and wide. Remember, by endorsing the Summit, you are voicing your support for the health and wellness of the LGBTI Read More >>

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  10. UN human rights head decries “perpetuation of prejudice”

    In a valedictory speech to the United Nations Human Rights Council today, Louise Arbour has challenged the continued oppression of women and sexual minorities. She is to step down later this month as the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights. “A failure to understand or accommodate diversity has inevitably led to an erosion of the rights of Read More >>

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