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  1. Age as a Risk “Marker” for MSM

    via JAIDS, by Potterat, John J BA; Brewer, Devon D PhD Hurt and colleagues observed that primary HIV infection (PHI) in men who have sex with men (MSM) was associated with selecting older sex partners. Specifically, MSM with PHI (median age, 24.5 years) tended to choose partners 5 years older (median, 29.8 years) compared with uninfected MSM Read More >>

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  2. Study – Addressing Social Drivers of HIV/AIDS for the Long-Term Response: Conceptual and methodological Considerations

    Via MSMGF. A key component of the shift from an emergency to a long-term response to AIDS is a change in focus from HIV prevention interventions focused on individuals to a comprehensive strategy in which social/structural approaches are core elements. Such approaches aim to modify social conditions by addressing key drivers of HIV vulnerability that affect the Read More >>

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