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  1. The Bronze Eye Is Open: A Philosophy of Anal Sex

    via Huffington Post, by Marten Weber As anyone who has ever been skillfully buggered knows, anal sex — at least for the prostate-endowed — is the best invention since sliced bread. Straight men have recently discovered “prostate massage” and “prostate stimulation.” According to a manufacturer of sex toys I interviewed for this piece, strap-ons have been their Read More >>

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  2. Malawi: Judge convicts gay couple

    via Associated Press, by Raphael Tenthani BLANTYRE, Malawi — A judge convicted a gay couple in Malawi Tuesday of unnatural acts and gross indecency after a trial that drew worldwide condemnation of this southern African country’s colonial-era laws on homosexuality. The verdict is “extremely disturbing,” said Michaela Clayton of the Namibia-based AIDS & Rights Alliance for Southern Read More >>

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  3. India Poised to Decriminalize Gay Sex

    via Edge Boston, by Kilian Melloy Among the relics left behind in India by British colonialism is a law punishing consensual sex between adults of the same gender. But that may be about to change. The Indian Penal Code embraced the law against sexual relations between individuals of the same gender, a holdover from the days when Read More >>

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  4. Global gay survey is a mixed bag

    One grim lesson the reports teach is that the sun never sets on anti-gay laws stemming from the British colonial era. Countries from Brunei to Zambia continue to criminalize acts “against the order of nature,” despite England having decriminalized homosexual acts in 1967. via Bay Windows, by by Richard J. Rosendall This is a good time to Read More >>

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  5. The Strange History of U.S. Sodomy Laws

    These laws were not directed in any particular way toward homosexuality. Indeed, they couldn’t be — the idea that there was a type of person who was a homosexual didn’t even emerge until the late nineteenth century, a result of urbanization, industrialization and the development of medical/sexological discourse. But while these laws weren’t about discouraging homosexuality per Read More >>

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