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  1. Clinical Trials Have Gone Global: Is This a Good Thing?

    via, by Trudie Lang and Sisira Siribaddana Why Do We Need Trials and What Makes a Trial a Trial? Clinical trials are needed globally to reduce disease burdens by helping developing safe and effective new therapies and vaccines. These solutions may be for non-communicable diseases like cancer and diabetes, or, as is especially needed in the Read More >>

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  2. Health Care Influenced by Masculinity

    via Daily Collegian, by Roy Ribitzky Men’s assumed and undeserving position in society is coming at a huge cost to our health. The performance of hegemonic masculinity is forcing men of all races, classes and education to sacrifice their mental and physical health. Men are expected to be strong, athletic, successful, competitive, in control, relentless, risk takers, Read More >>

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  3. Description of a Pilot Anal Pap Smear Screening Program Among Individuals Attending a Veteran’s Affairs HIV Clinic

    via AIDS Patient Care and STDs Isabella Rosa-Cunha, Vincent A. DeGennaro, Rene Hartmann, Clara Milikowski, Andres Irizarry, Brenda Heitman, Orlando Gómez-Marín, Gordon M. Dickinson. AIDS Patient Care and STDs. April 2011, 25(4): 213-219. doi:10.1089/apc.2010.0233. Abstract Despite the higher risk of anal cancer among HIV-infected individuals currently there are no national or international guidelines for anal dysplasia screening. Read More >>

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  4. New: GCM’s Mapping of Standards of Care Provided in Microbicide Clinical Trials

    The Global Campaign for Microbicides (GCM) has just released the first extensive survey mapping the Standards of Care provided in microbicide clinical trials. Over the years there has been considerable public debate regarding the level of health care and prevention services provided to participants in HIV prevention trials. Although this subject (commonly referred to as the “standards Read More >>

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