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  1. HIV serosorting and the risk of STIs in MSM

    [Presented at SÖDAK 2009: The German-Austrian-Swiss AIDS Congress, June 24-27 2009] Marcus ULRICH and Axel J. SCHMIDT (Robert Koch Institut)Objectives: We aimed to quantify the frequency and effectiveness of HIV risk management strategies and tactics other than condom use among men who have sex with men (MSM) in Germany and their impact on the frequency of sexually Read More >>

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  2. Adult Male Circumcision Does Not Reduce the Risk of 3 Non Ulcerative STIs

    Adult Male Circumcision Does Not Reduce the Risk of Incident Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Chlamydia trachomatis, or Trichomonas vaginalis Infection: Results from a Randomized, Controlled Trial in Kenya. J Infect Dis. 2009 Aug 1;200(3):370-378. Mehta SD, Moses S, Agot K, Parker C, Ndinya-Achola JO, Maclean I, Bailey RC.Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics, University of Illinois at Chicago School of Read More >>

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  3. Relationship between heterosexual anal sex, injection drug use and HIV infection among black men and women

    ABSTRACT J M H Risser PhD , P Padgett PhD, M Wolverton MPH and W L Risser MD PhD US blacks carry a disproportionate risk of heterosexually transmitted HIV. This study aimed to evaluate the association between self-reported heterosexual anal intercourse and HIV. Using respondent-driven sampling (RDS), we recruited and interviewed 909 blacks from areas of high Read More >>

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  4. Heterosexual anal sex common, frequently not protected by condoms

    Heterosexual anal sex is common among STD clinic clients, but is frequently not protected by condom use. Author: Hollander, D.Publication:Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive HealthDate: Mar 1, 2009 During the year following a visit to one of three public STD clinics, clients who returned for follow-up visits frequently reported engaging in heterosexual anal sex, mostly without using Read More >>

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  5. Jamaica: Gay men in hiding – Avoiding health care because of stigma, survey suggests

    via The Gleaner, by Petrina Francis AS DEBATE stirs over the Jamaican Government’s insistence on retaining legislation against buggery, homosexual men continue to suffer from discriminatory acts which make it difficult for them to seek health care in the country, a study has indicated. A 2008 survey commissioned by the Ministry of Health showed 31.8 per cent Read More >>

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  6. ‘Baby boomers’ hit by sex cancers

    via BBC The arrival of the “swinging sixties” may have heralded a rise in sexually-transmitted cancers, say researchers. Rates of anal, vulval and vaginal cancers rose for “baby boomers” born in the decades after the Second World War. Excerpt: Dr David Robinson, who led the study, said: “These results have revealed a snapshot of just how much Read More >>

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  7. Heterosexual Anal Sex in the Age of HIV

    People are inundated with “safe sex” messages and condom advertisements, but heterosexual penetrative penile-anal sex is rarely, if ever mentioned in these, leaving a gaping hole in people’s knowledge and awareness. by Zoe Duby University of Cape Town Research on sexual transmission of HIV consistently finds unprotected anal intercourse to be a highly predictive risk factor for Read More >>

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  8. Biomedical interventions to prevent HIV infection: evidence, challenges, and way forward

    via The Lancet Summary Intensive research efforts for more than two decades have not yet resulted in an HIV vaccine of even moderate effectiveness. However, some progress has been made with other biomedical interventions, albeit on the basis of inconsistent levels of evidence. The male condom, if used correctly and consistently, has been proven in observational studies Read More >>

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  9. Heterosexual Anal Sex Activity in the Year After an STD Clinic Visit

    Sexually Transmitted Diseases Vol. 35; No. 11: P. 905-909 (11..08)Lin H. Tian, MD, MS; Thomas A. Peterman, MD, MSc; Guoyu Tao, PhD; Lesley C. Brooks, BA; Carol Metcalf, MBChB, MPH; Kevin C. Malotte, DrPH; Sindy M. Paul, MD, MPH; John M. Douglas Jr., MD; The Respect-2 Study Group Click here for the abstract. The research team undertook Read More >>

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  10. Little HIV protection from circumcision for gay sex: study

    [source] Circumcision, which has been found to reduce by about one-half the transmission of HIV between heterosexuals, appears to offer far less protection for men engaging in homosexual intercourse, according to a study released Tuesday. The research published in the October 8 issue of The Journal of the American Medical Association compiled 15 discrete studies of more Read More >>

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